TTMT Video

TTMT #72 I Started…


Rich’s limerick:

The old frog with  big eyes said Hi

To the green fly who just happend by

Said Hi with his tongue

To the fly who was young

The spry fly could only say Bye

4 thoughts on “TTMT #72 I Started…

  1. You are being as productive as always. I don’t seem to be getting any more sewing done then normal, but that may change as I adapt better to working from home.
    Congrats on finishing the shawl and I love the bright yarn you are using for the CAL. And the bag is fun and bright too!


  2. Oh beautiful shawl! That most have taken forever to do. It looks so soft on the video.

    No you can absolutely never ever have enough bags! It’s really a fun one.

    Oh the limericks are fun! I’m glad you are able to find ways to connect with the grandkids right now. This is so hard but thankfully technology is allowing us ways to stay connected.

    Take care and good to see you.


  3. My goodness, lady, you have been busy, and what a lot of variety! The shawl is absolutely gorgeous!

    I did see the photo of your granddaughter. I love that you’re reading to her.

    Rich’s limerick was so cute. Thank you for sharing!

    I’m glad you’re doing okay. Take care!


  4. Love the t-shirt!

    The shawl looks really pretty and squishy and soft… love the greens. It looks like you’re really keeping yourself busy with the knitting/crochet… the crochet bag looks great!


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