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TTMT #566 – With 100% More Birds

In which I take advantage of the beautiful weather for today’s chat! There are noisy birds, some crochet, and a bit of wind! Be sure to listen for an announcement about the annual Sewhooked Fat Quarter Lotto.

Stay safe and well, my friends! β™₯


8 thoughts on “TTMT #566 – With 100% More Birds

  1. Sorry about your hurt back. Having a fall-back craft is good and that blanket is beautiful.
    I’m glad you got your boy back with most of his stuff.
    I love the idea of a celebration fabric lotto when this quarantine is over.


  2. I really needed to see your smiling face this morning. I plan to film at some point today when my hair is dry. πŸ™‚
    The crochet is looking good. I’ve never made one like that, I like the spin on the traditional granny ghan. That might be the next one I do if I EVER finish this sideways shell I have had on the hook forever.

    I think that, while it is a bummer, it’s right to postpone the fat quarter lotto, and we are indeed going to need a way to celebrate when things get better again. Not to mention we’ll all probably need some fabric, lol.



    1. You just let me know anytime you want to see me and I’ll be there. Pics! Video chat! Whatever! 😘

      I’m really enjoying the crochet! I’m trying to weave the ends in as I go so it won’t be such a pain at the end.

      Can’t wait to see your video, you working at home fiend! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ


  3. Helloooooo!

    Glad your back is getting better. Back pain is pretty awful.
    I like that method with the granny block. I feel like I’d feel I was making progress faster with just the two sides.

    I do basically the same thing with the news. I look once in the morning for 15 minutes or so and usually another 30 to 45 minutes in the evening time. I was spending way to much time starting probably end of February. It’s not go for me and I hate how unproductive I get because I don’t turn it off.

    We will get to the FQ Lotto in good time.

    Hugs to you


    1. My back is totally fine now, thank goodness. One less thing, you know?!

      The mitered granny went so fast I might make another! Just finished it up last night.

      My “news diet” is helping. I’m finding myself forgetting to check and being like, oh well, missed my chance today and not being at all disappointed.

      Hugs back, lady!

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  4. Ugh… sorry to hear about your back, I hope you’re doing better by now?

    I love that granny…. almost makes me want to take up crochet again, but then I remember I don’t need another expensive hobby, haha. It’s going to look great.


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