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5 Hours to Lock-down!

Hi everyone,

I can’t wait to watch all the videos and have LOADS of time to sew.

So South Africa is going into lock down for Covid 19, in less than 5 hours. The rules are fairly strict, we are not allowed to leave our homes for the next 21 days. Or we will go to jail.

I had to bring my laptop home and log into the workspace to continue working until 30 March, then I am on official leave for 2 weeks. Lots and lots of time to sew!

Hopefully, I will have something to show soon. I have chosen my patterns for the Sewhooked quilt along. And will cut those out tomorrow.

See you soon.

Happy sewing.


10 thoughts on “5 Hours to Lock-down!

  1. In your lockdown are you allowed to leave the house to get groceries? If not how do you get them?

    Be safe and enjoy your downtime. You have been working so hard I’m glad you are able to take leave.


    1. Hi Julia, you order online and have the groceries delivered. Only allowed to go out if going to the hospital in emergency. The army / military police have been deployed to enforce these rules. You also can only buy food, medicine and sanitary items. No alcohol or tabaco. It is severe. They have set up temporary camps for the homeless, to keep them contained in designated areas.


  2. Be Safe Vanda! I hope the lock down isn’t to intense! We are on stay at home orders. Means only essential businesses are allowed to operate. We can go get groceries and go for a walk or run outside as long as it’s not a group of people. All of our schools are operating online for the kids.

    I do hope you get some nice down time to craft & relax as you’ve been so busy.

    Stay Safe


    1. It is severe, military has been deployed everywhere to make sure everyone stays at home.
      2 more days of work from home. Then on real leave, then it is sewing time. 21 days is a long time to stay indoors.


            1. Thank you, will taking advantage of the time off. Have been looking at the covid stats and the USA is concerning high. Is the whole country down or just certain areas?


            2. I think most of the country is on
              stay at home or shelter in place orders. The degree to what that means is very region dependent. Unfortunately many Americans feel they should be allowed to do what they please and don’t follow the orders. It’s an alarming number of people that are not taking this seriously. The stats on infected definitely vary by area. Some is the testing available and some like New York City is just an incredibly densely population that should have locked the city down two weeks ago. I’m afraid we are ridiculously late on the curve.

              The testing is such a hot mess in most places that it is difficult to know the true numbers. It is definitely exponential growth in the coming days and weeks. So I’m
              Sure the numbers here will be quite shocking.


  3. Oh my goodness, Vanda, stay safe!

    We can go out for essentials but are supposed to stay home otherwise. I can’t imagine how hard just not leaving at all will be.

    *big hugs*

    I hope you have some good sewing time.


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