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TTMT #347 – jewells68 – March 25, 2020 – Operation Makin’ It Bigger

Not a lot happening crafty-wise here at the moment, but I did update a couple of quilt tops in my “waiting to quilt” collection by making them wide so that they meet Project Linus’ size requirements for toddler quilts. I also am looking forward to a new machine I ordered with a bunch of fun stitches to play with, and that will let me finish some applique quilts I have hanging around.

10 thoughts on “TTMT #347 – jewells68 – March 25, 2020 – Operation Makin’ It Bigger

  1. There is so much good here! Yay for growing those quilt tops! Yay for a new machine headed your way! Yay for your TTMT tee and working from home! Together we will quilt the universe. Or at least our retreat quilts… ❤️

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    1. Gotta keep the positivity flowing! Next on the list is improving the light at the quilting frame and deciding which quilt to do next and then load that sucker. And start a quilt, too. Either clover all over or Side by Side… or possibly both!


  2. Yay for working from home! In this whole weird world right now that’s a good deal if you have it.

    I like how you widen those. The butterfly top is great. It looks very intentional to have made the butterfly flying to the top. It looks good!

    It’s always exciting to get another machine. I hope you love it.

    Stay Safe, Happy Crafting, and have another 🍷 to start the weekend 😁

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    1. Had a very productive trip to costco this morning. There was already a line (cart and a half distance between each person) so they opened an hour earlier than normal. Got lots of fresh produce, tp, kleenex, cheese, eggs, brown rice, coffee beans, and of course, more booze. As you do.

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        1. they had gloved and masked staff strategically placed disinfecting carts, the credit card machines, etc, limits on what you can buy, and there is so much space there it’s easy to keep your distance. They didn’t even have you put stuff on the conveyor belt, just scanned it right there in the cart. Now I am set for a lot of things to be able to go a lot longer because the grocery store has had ZERO rice the last couple of weeks. Iam annoyed with myself that I forgot to buy apples today


  3. So glad you get to work from home! Stay safe!

    The quilt tops turned out great… I recognize those purple blocks – I might have made a couple of them! The butterflys looks great… the yellow around the outside is really sweet, kind of adds a sunny finish.


    1. Yep I think a couple of the tall purple shoofly blocks were yours, those were from an early birthday blocks. A couple were actually in Jennifer’s orphan clock collection, so I snagged them right away at retreat.


      1. I have a vague recollection of making them, but I think I kind of like them better split in half haha 😀 Makes them look more interesting than they are as a solo block.


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