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TTMT 3/24/20: Sewing and Rambling

On the video I said it was the 23rd,  Oops, it was recorded on the 24th.

WOW! We have a lot of folks posting.  That makes me very happy!!!


6 thoughts on “TTMT 3/24/20: Sewing and Rambling

  1. Well, you sure are busy! I love your test block for Clover All Over and I am so glad you decided to join us.☺️

    I suspect you have a similar feeling as I do. My daughter and her boyfriend live less than two miles away, but we’re trying to keep everyone safe, so we haven’t been able to see each other. I miss them so much! Big hugs to you and yours. ❤️


  2. Yep, that’s pretty much how I feel. I have a feeling we’ll be doing more face timing on Facebook messenger.

    I love the clover all over quilt design. I had 2 of the small jelly rolls (20 strips) and loads of beige & ecru strips so I’m going to be able to make a good sized quilt. Either it or the log cabin quilt will be given to my nephew and the other may be donated (unless I can’t bear to part with it).


  3. I love your clover all over block. I was going to do that one but started the Project Linus Side By Side Quiltathon quilt last night so I’m not sure when I’ll get on the clover allover. I really love the fabrics you are using for that.

    Your log cabin quilt is looking really pretty. I bet it feels good to be getting stuff made. Your sewjo is on fire.

    I’m sorry you can’t see your kids and grandson. I’m sure that’s really hard. My sister is just a 15 minute drive away but I haven’t seen her since March 12th when we had lunch for her birthday. Thnkfully my daughter is here in the house with me. I would hate for her to be living alone here in town and not able to come over.

    This too shall pass. Keep crafty and you’ll plow through all those supplies!


  4. I’m glad you are able to stay safe at home. I definitely stinks to not able to have face to face time with family and friends.

    Your clover all over blocks is very pretty. I love the colors! It’s such a satisfyingly fast quilt to do. I’m enjoying the chill quilt along.

    I’m looking forward to getting your tops.

    Stay Healthy & Crafty!



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