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So Much Multiplying…

3 thoughts on “So Much Multiplying…

  1. Whatever else is going on, I am SO GLAD you have time to post. *glomps*

    So many pointy circles! I know this, but seeing them all… Omg, that is one heck of a stashbusting project! Hang in there, my sister, we’re going to make it through this. 💜💜💜


  2. So very many pointy circles! Although I’ve done a few log cabin ghans and log cabin ghans don’t have mitered corners that like mystery blanket of yours does. So I’m not sure quite what that is. Possibly log cabin-inspired.

    I started working from home Tuesday and am already getting irritable. I think it would be better if it were sunny and I could go outside and weed or walk on my lunch break.

    The funny thing is I was on the verge of signing up for one of those gyms that has the cheaper monthly fee but recurring charges that are nearly impossible to cancel and was hesitating and then the caca hit the fan. I’m so glad I hadn’t committed to it, that would suck. Thankfully there are loads of workouts online. Bless you internet.


  3. *snickers* Or maybe they got wet?

    I’m glad you are having so much time to be a Craft Wizard! It’s the upside of this insane situation. I workout from home or outside. I would be pretty stir crazy otherwise. It definitely curbs my anxieties a bit to work out. Hang in there. I will keep your dad in my thoughts. Hope he stays healthy and gets through this craziness as soon as possible.

    I found a quilt top that I started around 1993 about 3 years ago. All hand stitched because I didn’t own a machine. I need to pull it appears and fix it.

    I love you pointy stars.

    Stay safe and crafty ❤️


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