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TTMT#130-Plugging along…

3 thoughts on “TTMT#130-Plugging along…

  1. I’m so happy you have your kiddo home and so VERY happy your son has a job offer! Mine is going on to a Ph.D. program, so losing undergrad graduation hurts, but he’ll have another chance, so we’re trying to take as best we can. It’s all his music performances being canceled that hit him (and us!) the hardest. You know… last concert, last gig, etc.

    Have fun with your sewing projects and thank you for inviting your friend to the Quilt Along!

    Enjoy working from home and stay well! ♥


  2. Enjoy your sewing time and time with your family. And with your cutout of course, lol.

    Adopting your kid for at least two weeks is definitely quilt-worthy in my book!


  3. Enjoy your work from home time and added crafty time. Congratulations to your son on the job offer. How exciting! I know you mentioned he didn’t much care about graduation. So hopefully he wasn’t bummed out by it and is just excited for his job.

    Stay Safe and Craft! Oh Definitely add more friends!


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