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TTMT #98 – First full day of the Stay-at-Home order.

8 thoughts on “TTMT #98 – First full day of the Stay-at-Home order.

  1. Lady, you sure know how to stay busy! And your quilts never disappoint! I really like the quilt top you finished, but I am sooooo looking forward to seeing the kitties panel quilt.

    Speaking of kitties, I hope your girl finds her way home safe and sound.

    I’m glad you and your brothers are fully stocked and able to weather this storm together.


    1. Thanks. Just having fun here. Going to the animal shelter today (by appointment only these days) to see if Ethel showed up there.
      Good to hear from you. Stay safe and keep quilting!

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  2. Looks like you are adjusting to the work from home scene. You are really cranking out those blocks. Looking forward to see all this stuff come together! And that cat panel is fantastic, love it!

    I hope your kitty comes home. I know you are missing her.


    1. The working from home is not very disciplined. Getting a lot done, but feeling lousy, so it’s not a constant thing. Trying to quilt before/after, but that’s sometimes early in the morning and in the middle of the night. I hope to start figuring out a design for those kitties tonight.
      I went to the animal shelter (by appointment) to look for Ethel. She wasn’t there. It’s been a week, so I’m not optimistic. I do miss her.

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    1. They are locked down in separate states. The one in DC is working from home with her FBI agent in her apartment (I guess she needs to work, too, and her job is to protect my daughter while she works). The other is in Las Vegas and they have “banned” all students from the hospitals (she’s in med school), so she can’t leave her apartment and is not working or going to school.
      I’m doing a lot of quilting, and enjoying it, but I really don’t want either daughter here (as much I need to see them)…I am sick and sure it is COVID-19. So far I am fighting it well, but when it hits my lungs I might need to take action. 2 people I worked closely with before we were sent home to work have it. So I’ll send virtual hugs (thanks to Jennifer O) to them and wait. Yes, it’s awful not having them.
      These are trying times. Quilting helps.


      1. Oh jeez! I hope you don’t have it or if you do that you have a speedy recovery. Sending hugs!
        I totally understand not wanting them to be near you for that reason and travel isn’t exactly safe right now. Seriously I’ll be thinking of you and hope you are better very soon.


        1. Thanks. I’m sue I have it. There are people who are having trouble breathing and are older than I am who need to be tested today, so I will wait. It’s just starting in my bronchus, so I have some time. Thanks for your kind thoughts/


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