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TTMT #65 New Normal 🤷🏻‍♀️

8 thoughts on “TTMT #65 New Normal 🤷🏻‍♀️

  1. Its such a weird time and I agree… I have put myself on a news diet, too.

    I love your new fabrics! Yay for supporting small business and getting beautiful supplies. The zipper pouches are so good. I especially love the big one! Those will look fabulous in the watermelon fabric.

    Take care, you. Lots of long distance hugs coming your way!


    1. Hugs to you too! I hope you have gotten G’s belongings! I love the fabrics too! I don’t Have a plan yet but I just love the line. And I really do want to make sure I’m supporting different businesses and organizations the best I can right now.

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  2. I love your new fabric! You just reminded me I wanned to place an order from hipstitch. I don’t really need anything so I’m having trouble deciding what to get. I’m working from home now, and I’m getting stircrazy and it’s only day 3 for me. I planned to start walking on my break today and of course it got super windy, chilly and rainy. Maybe tomorrow.


    1. Lol I didn’t need anything either. I did really like this particular line and this shop is definitely one I hope makes it through this.

      It’s weird for me. I do work from home. So everyone being home is making it hard to not be distracted. I have had at least one other person here everyday since March 6th. I think I’m almost getting used to it. I’m making more of an effort to keep a schedule for all of us. Hubs is the only one going out to work but he is even picking weird hours to avoid running into anyone at the lab. As of now they are still considered an “essential” business. Which seems weird because they have several layers between him and the businesses that are generally considered essential. So he is being extra cautious because I am higher risk. I walk and run a lot but that has always been a think to avoid feeling stir crazy for me. It they tell me I can’t do that either I may lose my shit more. Otherwise I’m just grateful to have everything I need and for staying healthy!

      I hope you get some good walking weather very soon!


      1. My husband is still working because his boss saw “construction business and contractors” on the essential business list. The context was of course roofers, plumbers, home repair, that sort of thing. NOT cabinets and doors, which is what they do. He likely won’t close until he’s physically forced to close.He washes well and changes clothes when he gets home. The best we can hope for at the moment.


        1. Hubs is Research Coatings Chemist. They provide powered coatings for manufactures to use on things that are used by essential businesses.
          So several layers removed as far as I’m concerned. He is been joking around asking the kids how it feels to have an essential dad… Dork 😂 I don’t think they will shut down unless they are court ordered.
          He fortunately can minimize his contact by weird hrs. I get some what anxious over it because my auto immune disorder generally makes things like the flu much worse for me. I try to hide during normal seasonal flu. So I’m not leaving the house for any other than outdoor exercise.


  3. Hope you’re doing well. Let me know if you come up with something amazing for the Tula Pink fabric. I fear I’m just going to have it to pet!


  4. The zipper bags look great… I use them a lot too, for travelling in particular.

    The Tula clover all over looks great.. it’s a nice way to use those prints. I have so many Tula fabrics and often can’t quite decide what to do with them but I guess I should just start putting them into things, maybe they’d work better than I imagine haha.

    I love that new Tula line too, or at least parts of it, but haven’t bought any. My favourite shop didn’t bring any in (come to discover she’s planning to retire at the end of May and had been working with a potential buyer just before this whole Covid-19 thing happened… like any banks are going to start handing out loans to buy businesses just now!) and I haven’t quite got around to it… my least favourite store in the city brought some in, but I might wind up buying online from a distance instead. I’ll probably get the same colour way as you… I tend not to love the pink/orange colours so much.


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