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TTMT #565 – Friends, Mail, & QAL

In which I share lots of mail, plans for staying connected, and as much positive energy as I can muster! ♥


15 thoughts on “TTMT #565 – Friends, Mail, & QAL

  1. Oh man…my Mom’s in a nursing home on lockdown and I can’t go see her. The online crafting/creative groups I follow are what’s helping keep me sane, seeing some happiness and normalcy continuing. Love ya for keeping things going, Jennifer! Maybe now would be a good time to figure out how to make a video with my laptop.


    1. Huge virtual hugs coming your way Laura! I know a lot of people with loved ones they can’t see. We have family on lockdown, too. My daughter and her boyfriend live less than two miles away, but I can’t see them until all this is over. To say that I’m unhappy about it is a huge understatement, but I know I’m keeping them safe by staying away. I’m just grateful that they have each other and that they are working from home.

      I hope you can come back to TTMT and visit, even if it’s just to chat. We miss having you around! ♥


    2. I know it’s hard not seeing your mom. I’m glad to hear from you and hope you can get that laptop video thing figured out. I haven’t been able to figure it out on my new one, but my old one still works fine for that.


  2. Jennifer Ofenstein, you are a ray of sunshine in a dreary world! Thank you!!! I love the t-shirt. It is so you!!!

    I am enjoying the QAL so much. The Clover all Over is a bit of a challenge for me and I’m loving it! I needed a challenge right now.

    You are right about our being able to go through this trying time together. It helps to be able to share with good people who share some of the same concerns and interests.


  3. OMG those dolls are freaking huuuuuuuuge! Wow! And that’s enough fabric for someone to make a quilt to go with each doll, and thensome! I bet that basket ends up in a bidding war in October. Fantastic!
    We are just going to keep on keeping on with our crafty selves, lady! *sterile glomps*

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    1. I told you you’d need me for scale, lol! I’ve already had someone ask me when bidding starts, so I’m going to say it’ll be fine!

      My crafting hasn’t been strong, but my cooking and puzzling are on point! We rearranged the sewing room again and I think we’ll be able to manage much better now. *glomps*

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      1. Oh I’m glad y’all will be able to sew now. I know you can quilt, but piecing is important too! 😀
        I’m planning to clear off the dining table tomorrow and see if I can even find a puzzle, but I think I donated the last of mine.


        1. We can sew, but it’s still weird. I don’t have access whenever I want, obviously, so I haven’t really sewn at all yet. Hopefully, things will get better once we’ve found some sort of normal with the current house load of people!


  4. Holy Cannoli! Those dolls are massive. Someone is gonna be so happy after that auction. Wow lovely lovely mail.

    I’m happy to see more checks form everyone and seriously hope some people that maybe are lurking join in. This is a crazy time but we can totally stay connected in a way past generations could not. So that’s my gratitude… I can still see & talk with my people.

    Take care & stay safe
    I hope you get the Dallas thing worked out!

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  5. Wow those dolls are something else! What a nice basket that’ll make, fabric and dolls together.

    Susan’s quilt tops will make some really great little quilts for you. And the blocks from Abby… that looks pretty.

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