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TTMT #97

8 thoughts on “TTMT #97

  1. Glad to hear all is well with you… scary times for sure. So many people are still going out (and now that the schools have been shut down, they’re bringing all their kids with them!) though, which is a little frustrating. Here’s hoping this resolves as quickly as possible with as little loss as possible.

    Hopefully your work will figure out the remote work situation soon so that you can eliminate that extra bit of face time with others.


    1. Yeah, things are changing every day. We will be shutting down in a day or two, whether by choice or by government mandate. And we’ll all feel better. All the Court employees were sent home yesterday and are all home (not working or telecommuting) with full pay. We’re all figuring this out, but most of it is later than it should be. Will we be like Italy? Will we be like Japan? We’re acting more like Italy, so I’m not optimistic. But there are a lot of good people in the world and we’ll (most of us) get through this.


  2. I completely agree that we need to try to stay in touch and touch base as much as we can right now. TTMT is a GREAT place to do that.

    We’re staying home and doing our best to stay safe. As many things that aren’t fun or convenient right now, we feel very lucky that all of our local family and friends are able to work from home and stay as safe as possible.

    I love your Pineapple Quilts goodies. How fun!

    Take care of yourself lady


  3. I just started working from home today. This is quite the surreal experience all the enpty streets. Keeping in touch with our crafty friends will help keep us hanging in there!


    1. Definitely a new experience. My grandparents used to talk about pandemics (like the Spanish Flu, which is no longer politically correct and is not the Influenza Pandemic of 1918. Can you imagine dealing with this? Well…we all can now.


    1. I have some videos to catch up on, too. My house is way too empty (good for productivity, but lonely). If I had people here I probably wouldn’t get anything done.


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