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TTMT #346 – jewells68 – March18, 2020 – Something new?

Hey y’all keep up the crafting and let’s keep supporting each other and our nonprofits during this crisis. Be safe, be well, and most importantly, be kind!


11 thoughts on “TTMT #346 – jewells68 – March18, 2020 – Something new?

    1. My favorite quilt store closed their brick and mortar store starting today for now. Hopefully we’ll all order enough fabric and notions to keep them open in the long run. Meanwhile sew sew sew!


      1. My favorite one recently moved to the shed behind her house (before all this) and is letting up pick up online orders or shopping by appointment so we can be alone in the shop. I’ll be sewing as much as I can (and participating in the new Sewhooked QAL) while working “almost” at home.

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  1. I look forward to seeing whatever you work on next with the quiltalong.. and to the Linus projects, if you get a chance to take pictures before they get donated.

    Take care of yourself and your family!

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    1. As of yesterday all three of us were going to work almost every day, but starting today the malls are closed so Miss P will be hanging out at home. Too bad she never wanted to learn how to sew, she’d have all the time in the world!


  2. I’m watching for a second time because I managed to not comment on anyone’s videos last week. SO, here we are!

    If your Linus group needs any drop-off suggestions, I spent ALL WEEK last week thinking about just that and I’m happy to let you pick my brain.

    I think there are lots of new quilt alongs trying to keep people busy and happy because you know there is nothing a quilter loves more than a new project!

    We have the perfect platform here on TTMT to keep in touch. I hope we have more people jumping in now that so many people are stuck at home. Even for those of you who aren’t working at home (yet, anyway!), it’s a great way to make sure we’re all okay.



    1. They are all busy right now replenishing the supply of receiving blankets for UNM Hospital and being on the mask-making bandwagon. I’ve asked them to let us know if they get a shortage of a specific size because I’m sure we are all accumulating quits at home right now. I was just contemplating a way to hang up my quilts out back without getting them filthy. I think I’ll look into one of those free standing clothes-lines. The cinderblock wall is too short, the stucco wall of the house has nothing to hang from. Flat roof so no eaves or gutter even.


  3. Hi

    Just playing catch up on videos. If you know a size you need let me know and I’ll send what I can.
    I agree completely the small businesses, theaters, restaurants, shops, and non profits are gonna be obliterated if we don’t do what we each can personally afford to do.

    Stay safe and glad to see you are working from home now.


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