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TTMT 187: Half Square

17 thoughts on “TTMT 187: Half Square

  1. Those HSTs are going to be GREAT when you put them together!
    Ohhh….those teals are fabulous! I love those colors.
    Ah, that February APQ quilt looks perfect. Love the vines. Clouds, feather, wishbones…you are having all kinds of quilting fun. They show up great. I like the lighter backing to show quilting. I usually just use whatever backing is on sale, so lots of blenders.
    Grocery people (and the people who get the groceries to them) are our lifeblood right now, so I appreciate you! Stay safe and keep us fed. Lots of my friends have been sent home (most with full pay), and they are going crazy. I’m still at the office, but it’s a matter of time.
    GREAT to see you. Keep us updated so we won’t worry.


    1. I think I use solids so often for the backing because usually it’s cheapest and also, I feel a bit like it’s a waste to put a cool print on the back (because how often do you look at quilt backs?)

      Have you been sent to work from home now? I hope all is well with you! (I’ve got a few weeks videos to catch up on, so I hope I’ll find out in your newer-than-this videos!)


      1. My company did me a HUGE favor. I was temping for a while for a girl who was out on medical leave. They were talking about hiring me permanently. The Governor issued a stay-at-home order effective at 5:00 p.m. on Monday (3/23). Temps don’t get to work at home, don’t get benefits, and don’t get paid for holidays or time off. That Monday, I started as a permanent employee, and at 5:00 they sent me home to work at home for the duration. My insurance and other benefits start 5/1. I will forever be grateful to them. Otherwise, the temp position would have ended and I would have been unemployed.


  2. I totally watched your video last week and didn’t reply. OOPS.

    Hmm, I vaguely remember the Layer Cake QAL.

    That large print is fabulous. Large prints aren’t usually my thing, but I really like that one.

    SO MANY HSTs! I like them all. I am drawn to the brights on the top of your design wall, but that is probably not a surprise.

    I ADORE your February finish. Your quilting is, as usual, stunning.

    I keep saying this to my friends in grocery, and I will keep saying it. THANK YOU. Seeing what chaos is happening in my own local store, I can’t imagine the stress of the constant demands.


    1. I don’t often buy large prints like that because they’re really not easy to use (except as backing, I guess), but I really do like the phoenix a lot! It’s such a lovely print.

      The sheer quantity of people out shopping has eased up a lot, and people aren’t buying in such big quantities anymore (by and large), but I swear people are getting ruder. I guess everybody’s nerves are just kind of getting ratcheted up, but it’s hard to deal with angry people. And the ones that just want to get right in your face about it, like sorry… we’re not hoarding hand sanitizer in the backroom. If we had it, we’d be selling it. We keep walking backwards away from people and it just makes them want to get in closer. Sigh. (I’m changing my schedule so I have fewer hours in store while we’re open. Too bad about my coworkers who don’t have that option!)


        1. The people who have been lovely and kind have been more than average lovely and kind, much like the shit ones have been shitter. So at least it goodness has kind of counterbalanced it a bit. I suspect you’re the lovely and kind sort of shopper so thanks to you on behalf of your local cashiers etc. I know they appreciate you back!

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  3. DEFINITELY the back of the quilt really showed off your beautiful quilting. It’s just fantastic! And a really lovely peaceful color plan in that quilt too. Just wonderful.

    Broadcasting is deemed essential, but starting today I am designated to work from home, which is what I’m doing. I’m still in the process of making my space a little more work friendly. My husband is still going to work because his boss is oblivious.


    1. It’s kind of relieving to have an essential job, but I would like it if fewer people were out shopping so much! It’s nice that you’re able to work from home… has anything changed for your husband’s job now? It feels like things really kicked off in the US in the last couple weeks, so hopefully the oblivious boss is not oblivious anymore.


  4. I must have gotten distracted yesterday and didn’t submit my comment. 🙄

    I love the Mountains Meadows? I think that was the name. Really nicely done.
    So many HSTs! They look really great. It’s not easy to have them look good.

    Happy Crafting! I hope you are gonna some down time in all the chaos right now.

    Happy Crafting & take care


    1. I think I must have gotten distracted and did the same thing because I know I wrote a reply… a too long reply, which I clearly didn’t send, haha.

      Things at work have slowed down A LOT like a lot a lot, but it’s somehow more stressful anyway haha. I think people are just getting increasingly on edge and are sort of getting ruder, which is so frustrating. We are all doing the best we can. Oh well, it can’t last forever, right?! Depending how long it stretches on, I just might take a week’s holiday even though I hate to waste a vacation on not going to see my parents. (I just found out the other day that they were out in the world on Saturday – needed milk and fresh things – so now I get to spend the next couple weeks stressing that one or the other or both will get sick. How many times do you need to tell a technically elderly person who has been through a massively traumatizing, life changing incident and/or his also technically elderly wife with some complicating health issues that they shouldn’t be out in public?! But their dr called on Saturday and told them to make sure to order everything online and not to leave the house for anything short of life-threatening illness, so NOW they’ve decided to listen and stay home). (Am I annoyed or am I annoyed?)


      1. I’m sorry people are a-holes. I don’t understand anyone not being anything other than incredibly grateful for people who are continuing to work through this to provide our needs. Holy Crap!

        My mom was not to concerned about staying home in February but by March she was serious about staying home. She has Copd. If she gets Covid it will be a death sentence. She was hospitalized in Dec for 2 weeks with pneumonia and spend all of January trying to recover. She hardly got better before this started. So I’m thankful she is caring enough to stay home. She has been quite depressed after my dads passing so I honestly wasn’t sure she would show the self care needed through this. But so far she is doing so.

        Take care and hopefully you get some crafty therapy on your off time.


        1. I’m glad for you that’s she’s staying home too! I assume she’s in NC (trying to remember if that’s where your parents were or if you had to travel to see them? Minnesota?), at any rate, somewhere you are not… it’s really hard being away. If I could, I’d be doing their shopping for them and dropping it on the door step (and picking up their mail – come to learn they’d been going to the post office as well… their town is small enough to have a central mail facility rather than to the door delivery). I think the distance adds to the stress of the situation (from our end).

          Anyway, you take care too!


          1. Haha no one could possibly keep track of our locations. My husband and I grew up (or mostly in Minnesota)
            Yes she is in NC still. My brother is in the same town as her but he can’t go see her because both him & his wife still have to go out to work. They can at drop stuff but she generally does curbside or delivery. That way everyone is safe.

            Yes I would have to fly or drive for 18 hrs to get to her now. So basically I’m not going to see her while this going on. We do FaceTime a few times a week. Thankful for all the technology. Definitely harder being so far away. She was struggling with her iPad last week and giving tech support over the phone wasn’t the best.


            1. I feel like I can hear the Minnesota in your voice every now and then (I mean, not a lot, but a bit.. it’s one of the few US accents I can place by sound). I’m glad she’s got options for delivery, anyway.. I had googled in my parents home town and only found walmart with warnings about how behind they were, but apparently their grocery store of choice also does delivery and has been still managing same day deliveries, even better! Fortunately I don’t have 18 hours to go if I get stressy and need to wave through their window, but 6.5 is more than plenty!

              Technology has really made so many things easier in all this, hasn’t it? Hard to imagine what would have happened years ago… no school, no work, not much contact.


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