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TTMT #563 – Baubles & Branches


10 thoughts on “TTMT #563 – Baubles & Branches

  1. Baubles and Branches is so beautiful. And what a fantastic way to practice and learn. With such a wonderful result! Such a terrific thrift store. My regular thrift stores have been very low on crafting supplies the last few times I’ve gone. Such a bummer.

    That quilt top is totally different now. Framing each block just really made it terrific. Great use of strips, too!


    1. I wish I’d said something about how I love to rescue unfinished projects, but I suppose everyone knows that by now!

      I’ll definitely have to discuss the orphan block top later. I couldn’t see what I was doing and almost cut that part out!


  2. What a beautiful find! I love how you quilted it. It really is very different when you have to plan out. Obviously the better you plan the less tie offs or over laps. You did a lovely job.

    I have to come to that store when I’m on Austin. Good grief it’s like a candy land for crafters.

    Of course I always adore your orphan block tops.

    Happy Crafting


    1. Planning ahead is so different for me! This has really inspired me to try to do more planning. I think the last one I put this much thought into quilting was my X-Files quilt!

      We’ll have to plan a mini shop hop sometime and include Austin Creative Reuse!

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  3. I wish we had one of those crafty stores around here. I could definitely find/donate stuff. Love the blue/white quilt. I’m in the same boat. Don’t have the fancy longarm, so all my quilting is free motion. The circle quilt was a good lesson builder …I need to plan a bit better too.


    1. I’m so in love with that store, I can’t even tell you! I neglected to say that I donated way more than I purchased! That felt like a win!

      I’ve gotten more experimental with the fmq lately and I’m really enjoying it!


  4. The quilt is really beautiful… it turned out so well and that’s great that you got to use it to try out lots of new things that you might not otherwise do with your long arm.

    The newest orphan block top looks fun.. bright and colourful.


  5. What a fabulous trip you had! Great all around. Those orphan blocks have exceeded their destiny by landing at your house.

    The Brambles and Baubles is excellent. I think the narrow border design is called stacked rocks. What a GREAT skill-building exercise. I can just see how much fun you had with it and it’s so cool to see your expansion of skills. Just wonderful.

    The orphan block quilt is amazing as usual.


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