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TTMT #345 – jewells68 – March 10, 2020 – Another One Nearly Done!

In which I come to you from a totally different perspective this week! Just decided to mix things up a bit. Quilted another Project Linus quilt this past weekend. Just need to finish binding these 3 quilts and label and wash so I can turn in this Saturday… which will put me at 3 donations for 2020, one ahead of schedule! Have a great week!

10 thoughts on “TTMT #345 – jewells68 – March 10, 2020 – Another One Nearly Done!

  1. Quilt all the things! I think that’s our new siren song. Woo!

    The embroidered block ended up looking so good, and it totally works. Also, yay kitty fabrics!

    I’m almost positive that some of those burgundy-ish blocks came from Suzanne who volunteers at my Linus. I’m pretty sure I even asked if she minded my sharing and because she’s awesome, she, of course, said no problem!

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    1. I would love to take a few weeks off of work to quilt every single top I have and then some. It probably would not take that long, but a girls gotta sleep too. If I can get a back together I might do the tumblers next. It’s a really big one. I might do another but larger linus one first, though. To work out the shifting side to side thing. As long as I’m doing an all over edge to edge type design like a meander, or loopy meander, the shift side to side thing won’t be a big deal. Anything more specific will take some practice.

      I know one I received one year for birthday blocks (brown shimmery fabrics), it came out the wrong size or something, but the swapper sent it along with the correct one. At least 2 came from the teacher’s donation (that churn dash for sure and at least one other), and then I think the rest came from your orphan blocks.For sure the Stars for Linus one and the embroidery one came from yours.

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    1. It didn’t bother me at all on the other light blocks, but for some reason on that one I just really hated it, lol. I love the solution, I think it turned out really well. I’m trying to use up thread I have lying around to give me an excuse to buy more cones, lol.


  2. The quilt looks really great… it’s amazing how well that thread hides – you can’t see either colour on the back. Great idea switching out threads/styles for that embroidery block.

    Looking forward to seeing how things go as you keep exploring things on the frame!

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    1. It’s not quite as fast as quilting on my old frame, but I can sit or stand, depending on what I’m doing and how I feel, and I do like that. I need to sort some better overhead lighting, and then I think I’m golden. I love that I’m plowing through my quilt tops. I am still not allowing myself to piece any new ones yet. I need to get more quilted. Maybe in April I can start something new.

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  3. It seems like most of us have had an unusually busy 2 weeks at work. I, too, have not quilted as much as I wanted/needed lately. And I’m TIRED.

    Perfect solution for the embroidered block. Just perfect. Great choice for the binding.

    Love the kitties!

    You’ve been so productive. I like the change of perspective.

    Yep…you’re ready! I will be watching this space in anticipation.


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