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I’m Back! TTMT #128

12 thoughts on “I’m Back! TTMT #128

  1. RAINEY!!!!

    It’s so good to see you again. There is absolutely nothing wrong with working in a grocery store. I’ve done it myself. It’s an important job that we need and if your stress level is better, THAT is a huge plus!! ♥

    I’ve been very much into a “Use It Up” mode this year, so I totally get what you mean.

    Love your heart quilt, so sweet!

    The quilting on the monkey quilt, WOW! It looks fantastic.

    Welcome back, lady! ♥


  2. Yay!!! I’m so happy to see you.

    Congratulations on the new job & completing your training. It doesn’t matter where you work. It matters that it works for you. I’m glad you’ve gotten to move on to place that works for you.

    Oh I love your Valentine day quilt. So sweet and fun. Holiday quilts are a favorite of mine.

    The quilting is gorgeous on your Tula Quilt. I like how you are making those monkeys pop! I never think I’m a big Tula fan until I see your tops. So bright and happy.

    So happy you are back! Happy Crafting and see ya soon ❤️


  3. Rainey, so good to have you back. Love all the tops! Didn’t realize the new Tula was out yet. Have to get to my shop.


  4. Nice to see you again! Don’t worry about the rambling… lots to cover! Yay for the newer, lower stress job – I work at a grocery store too (File Maintenance, if that’s a thing in your store) and have done for more than 10 years. (Which is crazy.)(Anyway, a job is a job is a job. If you’re feeling better doing this than doing what you were before, that’s the very most important thing.)

    It’s so great to see your quilts – you are a very prolific sewist.. you always seem to be working on something really cool. I love seeing your quilting too… the monkey wrench quilt is going to be AMAZING.


  5. Yay Rainey is back!!!! I agree with everyone, what matters is you are happier and less stressed in your new place. And with all your experience you’ll probably end up running that store if you are so inclined. I punch a time clock too, as does my husband. And I’m glad I do,because when I’m not at work, it’s easier to not think about work. I used to have a company phone. I was glad to give it up because I don’t have to give coworkers and clients my phone number anymore, lol. Freedom. 🙂

    Your quilting on that monkey wrench quilt, wow! You always do such amazing fmq. That is seriously amazing.

    I too am working from stash as much as possible. fabric, thread, what have you. And I’m not really a fan of Tula Pink fabrics, but those last two you showed were gorgeous! The turquoise and the purple. Wow, just fantastic!


  6. Congrats on the graduation! I love my grocery employees!
    I’m doing the same thing with my stash, and really enjoying the challenge of putting things I have together.
    LOVE the hearts! I made a valentine heart wall hanging for my office this year (did it from design to finish in 2 days…but I haven’t quilted it yet…it’s in line). I just ADORE the binding on that–looks like candy canes.
    The red and lace is going to be just beautiful! A different style from your usual, but really nice.
    Tula Pink — now that’s more like you! The banana border is too cute! The quilting is fabulous.
    I saw the new Tula Pink and really liked it. I don’t use a lot of novelty prints, so I passed. Can’t wait to see yours, though. That sewing machine is actually PERFECT for it. It’s going to be so much fun!
    So happy you’re back.


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