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TTMT#129-Making up for last week

And then something fell on the mouse and stopped the video. I wanted to say that I was using up cutting from my 50 Shades of Green quilt where I kept the triangles cut off from the green snowballs. Finally using the scraps as you can see I sewed the tiny half square triangles back together and used my Accuquilt to cut out hearts to make the shamrocks.

4 thoughts on “TTMT#129-Making up for last week

  1. I just got done watching last week’s videos and then here you are! 🙂
    Those are some fantastic fabrics, they will make fabulous backgrounds/backings. I am trying to work solely from stash right now and then I just learned that they moved the Shop Stroll to April (it’s always been in August) so I have a feeling I’ll be doing some shopping then. Usually I just buy fat quarters but I’m the same with a good backing fabric, buy enough so you don’t have to fill in later.

    The winding ways looks tough to get right, but I am confident you’ll conquer it!


  2. Oh all those yummy fabrics! That would be hard to come home with money.

    Oh man those curves look insanely hard. Your blocks look really good. The symmetry I would think makes it so hard.
    I’m impressed.

    Is the problem area on one side or across it?
    Generally it can be a number of things. Was the fabric to taunt on one side? Are you using side clamps? I can’t remember if you are using a little foot frame or a regular table. If it’s a little foot, I’m probably not helpful. I’m not sure how they work. On a bigger frame it really is likely tension with the backing. Which can be the anything from loading the back wonky to pulling it to tight in one area.

    Happy Crafting


  3. Oh, I really do like the fabrics you chose for your son’s quilt and I think the BOM pattern is perfect. I’ve got a t-shirt quilt coming soon for my own kiddo. He owes me a few more shirts first!

    Ack, curves! They are very pretty, but I don’t enjoy making them!

    Love the St. Patrick’s Day runner. It’s so fun!


  4. It’s always dangerous going into a quilt shop for any reason. If I go for a class, or to pick up something I ordered, it costs me. Perusing is exactly the cause.
    The blues and oranges are great! I think that pattern is perfect for those fabrics.
    I think we’re not supposed to point out imperfections to giftees and for the purpose of looking for compliments. This is a safe zone from that. Asking for assistance for an imperfection is entirely appropriate here. I have adopted the habit of rolling my entire sandwich all the way to the bottom and back up TWICE before I start quilting. It straightens out the whole thing and ensures that it’s going to lie flat. Before that, it was not unusual to have some problems like that. If it is not loaded straight or even cut straight, this will help identify problems before you start sewing. I feel like I’m just training it for where I want it to go, and it helps. Let us know if this is a problem going forward. It is most likely from one of your layers (top/batting/backing) either not being the same size and then being basted/pinned together like it is the same size, or else being pulled to one size or one corner. During the back and forth, I don’t use any tension, just let it flow and settle into it’s place. Again, if it’s not going to lie flat for you, you will know it and be able to correct it at that point. Think of putting a 12.5″ block into a quilt that is otherwise 12″ (yep…that’s the problem on my design wall right now if you can believe it). You can get the block in there with little effort, but it’s never going to lie flat. If you stretch that on a quilting machine it will even stretch flat, but when you set it free, it will be a problem. This is why I stopped using pins decades ago (except for limited exceptions when I let myself use ONE). If the fabric is lying on another fabric freely and loosely and lining up, it’s going to fit there for the next hundred years. So take that lesson to the quilting machine and don’t try to force the fabric to do what you think it should only to find out that you didn’t know it was NOT the same size or not cut straight or you just simply pulled one piece of it a little.
    I remember the Fabric Extravaganza last year…you love that place and get fabulous deals. It’s like our shop hop here sort of. Great haul again this year.
    Great work in the class…that’s not an easy one. LOVE the St. Patty’s Day table runner. LOVE the use of scraps. Great work on that one. She’s going to love it.


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