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TTMT 3/4/20: Jelly Roll-Out

11 thoughts on “TTMT 3/4/20: Jelly Roll-Out

  1. I do love a log cabin quilt and will definitely look forward to seeing how that one comes out.

    Oh, I get a personal message! 😛 Thank you so much for sharing. I’ll chat with Jewells and see if she wants to share. You know we’ll make it work!

    Oh, I love your jelly roll tower and am very tempted to do something like that. I use mine for borders, binding, and “growing” blocks that are too small.

    Good to see you, lady! ♥

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  2. Love the log cabin blocks! After working on a couple quilts with jelly rolls I do appriciciate how quick they go together. I’m sure you’ll come up with something amazing. Jennifer R does amazing work. Please share when you get them back.


  3. The Log Cabin is very pretty.
    I like the colors you’ve used in it.

    Seems like you have been busy with all those tops.

    I’ll keep an eye out for your packages.

    Happy Crafting


  4. The log cabin looks perfect, it’s such a great versatile block with so many options of layout. And of course the internet is full of free patterns for using jelly rolls. Not to mention Jennifer’s clovers all over and the multiple variations on that one. I’m sure you’ll have no trouble finding something to do with all those strips!

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  5. How can you say you didn’t get much done!! 14″ log cabin squares. They look great and you made a lot!! Pat yourself on the back!!
    Your shirt is a beautiful color on you! Really makes your hair color stand out. You look great!


  6. Your log cagins are beautiful! Love the fabrics. Great size, too. With just the sashing, it’ll be 46″x62″ efore the border, and if you put a 2.5″ border first (to continue the look of the sashing and frame them all around) it’ll be 50″x66″ BEFORE the border. That’s a GREAT size. Those big blocks make big quilts. I’m just loving this project.
    Jelly rolls are soooo versatile, as you know. If you would choose a block size and just start making blocks, then use some for sashing the blocks, you could get those sewn up really quickly. Out of the bin and onto the bed!
    Great seeing you.


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