TTMT Video

TTMT # 64 Pillowcases

It’s not angles of the fabric, it’s direction. I should not be allowed to record to early in the day 🀣

14 thoughts on “TTMT # 64 Pillowcases

  1. Your shirt is the first thing I saw! Ahaha! I am so pleased you bought it! πŸ˜€

    I’ve had the “perfect for a pillowcase…oh wait, it’s sideways!” experience. I do love the ones you got made. Every time I see someone else make a pillowcase, I want to make a pillowcase. It’s weirdly contagious.

    My vote is in! And I got a sticker. Of course.


  2. I have actually made pillowcases out of fabric where the print direction runs the wrong way, but you kind of waste a lot of fabric… I think I wound up making just one instead of making a pair when I did it. Anyway, your new pillowcases look great! I need to find some fabric to match favourite sheets and make myself some, I think.

    I still have one from YEARS ago that Jennifer O made for me when we did a pillowcase swap. I also still kind of wish I’d kept the one I sent away… I don’t know/remember who it was I sent to, but I always wondered if she even liked it… I don’t think I picked particularly friendly fabrics for someone I didn’t know. (This is what I made for my partner assuming that link works. And based on the date on that photo,.. apparently I’ve had a pillowcase from Jennifer for 10 years! It doesn’t see constant use, but it’s in great shape for being a decade old!)


    1. Oh my goodness. I like the ones you made. I always love a fun pillowcase. They do seem to last forever and the get more comfortable with age.

      I save the other fabric for so other project.
      I’ll probably make a bag. I really love the fabric and want it to something I see when I use it.


  3. Ugh I would be annoyed with a primary that late. I wish they would do them all within maybe a months time. I feel like the go so long we have states like yours that are to late to matter and other like IOWA that are a hot mess with their process.

    Yes the shirt was on sale and I couldn’t pass it up. I just have to remember not to where it to school events 🀣


  4. I love making pillow cases, and need to make some. Yours are so nice.
    Love the shire, but I, too, am shocked that you have a potty mouth.
    Great seeing you! have a great week and stay in touch. We need to know everyone is okay now.


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