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TTMT #96 – My self-challenge quilt

12 thoughts on “TTMT #96 – My self-challenge quilt

  1. I sent one of those cat panels to Jennifer O for part of her birthday gift last year or the year before. I think she did pillows with them? Not 100% sure. i don’t think she used them in a quilt. but they are so cute I had to buy them, and if I happened to see them on sale somewhere I’m sure I would buy them again! I like what you did with them to make a large quilt, it turned out really nicely.


    1. Thanks. When I saw the panel and it was on sale, I had to buy it…with no idea what to do with it. Panels challenge me to start with. It wasn’t until I combined the challenge of fabric I like but limited and already cut into the picture that I’ve been coming up with these. I am working on another one right now with some beautiful fabrics and a “coffee”panel.


  2. I’d love to see your Pineapple project closer. I think I’m seeing the projects behind it, too, and my eyeballs are just like nope!

    I love, love what you did with your kitties. As Jewells mentioned, she gave one of those panels for my birthday a couple of years ago. I have the reverse pallet, white cats on a black background. I haven’t decided what to do with them yet.


    1. That project is really busy, especially with the volunteer “background”. I will get a good pic this weekend when I get the last borders on it.

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  3. You amaze me with not only how much you accomplish but also with your creativity. I look forward to seeing your video each week. The kitties quilt is adorable.



  4. I can see why you would want to expand out the projects… I also prefer bigger projects to smaller ones, even when I don’t really need any more big projects haha. I mean, there’s really only so many wall-hangings and table runners anyone can use in their life. Also, I might have said so before, but I think you make more interesting patterns anyway haha.

    The cat panel is super cute.. good save adding the narrow borders on the side… it fits right in! It turned out really great.


    1. Thanks. I like my patterns more, too. My style changes with time, of course. There was a time when I would have done something much more “complicated”–that really would have been any nicer, just more complicated. I am trying to get some of these projects finished and I will try to sell them. You’re right about a limit one person needs, and quite frankly I started buying things that would be nicely made into something but not something I particularly wanted. So I decided to make them and try to sell them. That way I get the enjoyment of designing and creating and won’t end up replacing my UFO closet with a finished quilts I’ll never use closet. We’ll see.


  5. The kitten quilt is so cute. I love how the colors are working together. All of your quilts are always amazing, but every week I catch myself trying to see the Chrismas Window one you have up. ๐Ÿ˜Š I do prefer the bigger projects, but sometimes it’s nice to make the small ones.


    1. I’m going to finish that attic window with the Christmas tree in the next few weeks. I stop on these when I hit a snag (instead of just fixing it). That one has a window I don’t like the look of, and it only requires take out 2 little seams and fixing them. I’m going to try to clear that design wall and will get to it shortly. I only need to fix that and get the “wallpaper” border on it, which will change the whole look. I know how I want it (custom) quilt it and am looking for to that step.


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