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TTMT #53 KH Week 6 and Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt

I ended up making my video a couple times before getting this one done. Having camera issues. Thankfully I have a new camera coming in this week. Wohoo! I am also looking for an easy video editor. Something not too time consuming. Any suggestions?

7 thoughts on “TTMT #53 KH Week 6 and Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt

  1. I just use the movie maker editor that comes (or came, I have a vague recollection of downloading an old version) with Windows… it’s easy to use for someone like me who hasn’t got a lot of patience for editing.

    The blocks as always look great! Makes me wish I knew the fandom!

    I like your variations on the Bonnie Hunter quilt… that’s going to be pretty spectacular (I esp like the dark version).


    1. I used to have the movie maker on my old computer, but it doesn’t come default anymore and I think you have to pay now (not a lot). But I may go ahead and get it. I did like it when I had it.


      1. I think I downloaded an old version because i didn’t know how to use the newer versions.. I’m using the 2012 version, so I’m sure there’s something much newer out there. I can’t remember anymore where I got it – I’ve had this computer for a few years now and don’t do any not-so-legal downloading anymore, so I couldn’t even guess what the safe places to get things are.


  2. I ditto Kristel on WMM. I use an old version I had to track down after getting my new computer because I hated the new version.

    I love that heart and you are right it’s not too fandom specific depending how you make it.

    Your Bonnie Hunter blocks look great. I think the medium ones are actually my favorite!


  3. I use CyberLink Power Director, which is definitely not free. I have an old version, but I still like it. When I travel, I use WeVideo which is a free android app with watermark. There’s a paid version that removes the watermark, but I only use it once a year or so, so I don’t worry about it.

    The heart block is my favorite so far. ♥️

    I’ve seen lots of Frolic projects on Instagram and I love how different they all look!


    1. My laptop came with the cyber link, and I do like it. I find I’m on my desktop more these days and need something for it.
      I still haven’t completely decided if I “love” the fabrics for the frolic. But for the next couple weeks the only thing I’m working on is the cathedral window because of my work schedule and short on time. So I just put it to the side until work settles down.

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