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TTMT #95 – Sewing on Mardi Gras.


4 thoughts on “TTMT #95 – Sewing on Mardi Gras.

  1. Are the patterns that come with these precut packs weird or boring? I’m just curious why you haven’t tried their pattern? I mean, you make good patterns on your own, so it’s not like you need to follow their plans at all, just… nosy 😀 The little quilt you made with the first pack is very nice.. pretty colours.

    The EQ class sounds really nice.. good way to learn the program.


    1. The patterns are not so much weird, as they are just small. A lot of bags (I have too many bag patterns), some pet mats (I don’t need one, I have quilts), and too-simple-looking rows of strips. Some are cute.
      The EQ class is SO fun. Like I said, REALLY basic, but short and easy to understsand…and then you get a while to actually make the blocks. Just fun.


  2. I enjoyed visiting Pineapple Fabrics booth at quilt fest in 2018, although I don’t think I bought anything. But I certainly had fun looking!

    Those flower patterns are great, and frankly, something the size of a placement could be a perfect segment of a quilt, so why not?


    1. I just love Pineapple Fabric’s customer service and ales.
      Great idea on the flowers. I’m ready to jump in on the Fire Island Hosta. It’s BIG! Just looking for the right teal and gold color families of batiks.


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