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TTMT #63 Goodie Goodness

7 thoughts on “TTMT #63 Goodie Goodness

  1. I still cannot believe how BIG that bag is! You could definitely get a cutting mat and ruler in there for traveling. Just saying… 😛

    Woot for the watermelon shoes! I totally get how important that is.

    I love how bright and happy all of your fabrics are. The periodic table one is so very good.

    If at all possible, I will be in Houston. I promise to keep you in the loop. ♥

    Good luck to your daughter for next weekend!


    1. The bag is huge! Oh it totally has sewing retreat written all over it!

      The shoes are like her calling card. She just adores them.

      I love science fabrics especially Chem Really any science fabrics or Coffee fabrics make me happy. These were particularly bright & happy.

      Her team is a hot mess. So she is going through the motions of finishing her commitment. It was unfortunately a team that never gelled well this year. So here’s to getting it over with 🥂

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  2. Holy crap that’s one heck of a tote bag. Enormous! Cute print on it, anyway.

    Funny about the watermelon thing.. nice that you could find some fabric to make her something. I guess we all have a thing, eh? 😀

    Any time I see mathy/science-y fabric I think of you.


  3. Wow that tote is fantastic! And actually canvas so it won’t fall apart like the giant ones you get from the vendors at Houston in November. You got a really good haul! I didn’t spend anywhere near as much as I thought I would in Houston when I went. I did get some impulse stuff and stuff I was looking for. But mostly seriously on sale. Sunday vendors start discounting their stuff more so they don’t have to take it home. So next time I go, which I definitely want to do, I want to go on Sunday. Maybe Saturday evening and Sunday or something.

    Glad you had a good time, and you got to hang with Dominae and Jen, 2 of my favorite people!


    1. I would definitely go on Sunday for Houston. I went on Friday… I think last year. I was honestly a mental wreck. So I wasn’t in the mood to buy anything. I am definitely hoping to have a better time in 2020 at Festival.

      The bag was a merch pre-purchase. So it was way nicer than the ones they give away. I was surprised by the size. It’s great for hauling crafty stuff!

      Yes I had a good time & definitely looking forward to doing it again.


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