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TTMT #344 – jewells68 – February 25, 2020 – Quilting Again!

Y’all I am quilting again, yaaaaaaaay! Actually quilted two Project Linus quilts over the weekend, have the binding picked out, just need to sew the binding together and bind those suckers. Words cannot express how joyful I am at quilting again. I am seriously deliriously happy about this! Here’s to many more quilts to come!

17 thoughts on “TTMT #344 – jewells68 – February 25, 2020 – Quilting Again!

  1. Two quilts! Two! Rock and roll, you! You are going to nail your goal this year! I hope you find the side to side transition easy and enjoyable so it’ll be a piece of cake when you’re ready to work on the memory quilt!


    1. There are folks on the quilting with Grace fb page talking about quilting king size quilts on my kind of frame, so it’s definitely possible. As I get used to the limitations and get rid of more stuff from my room (and therefore get more crap out of my way) it’s going to get easier and easier I think. I’m already trying to decide which Linus quilt to quilt next.


      1. I have no doubt you’ll figure it out and be quilting all sizes in no time. I was telling E that if your frame has existed when I first started looking, I may well have chosen it to have had a set up inside. Remember my first table top set up? That was the idea behind that, but it was a pain to set up and take down and unfortunately too big to leave up all the time.


        1. Before buying this I looked up your guy but he seems to no longer be in business. Because I knew I could keep a 6 foot table set up all the time and already had one, so I figured why not? But alas he was gone.


  2. Oh I’m so happy for you. I love that your oozing happy. It’s the eta feeling when you get something working well after so long of fiddling with stuff. Yay yay yay!!!!

    All those quilts are perfect to get your comfort level up with the new frame.

    Oh I love me some tools. I have a significantly larger tool selection than the hubs. I get silly excited over a tool I have wanted. Enjoy

    Happy Crafting


    1. My husband works in construction (mostly cabinetry), AND we inherited a lot of tools from my dad, too, so between us there are tools everywhere, lol. But I like to have my own. I keep some of my dad’s old tools and even his tool belt in the project room.I hate having to hunt something I need down in the garage because it is a scary place, lol.

      Trying to decide which Linus quilt to load onto the frame next…


      1. My husbands dad did construction. He was still working when we moved away. Ironically the hubs is not a very handy guy. He can do stuff but hates it. He also has a wife who is handy. So I end up using him for the “muscle” in projects. Lol

        What a great problem to have …which Linus to load


    1. Seriously long road. But at least I’ve finally arrived and get to unload some of these quilt tops off my UFO traincar, lol. What I love most about the last quilt is that THREE TTMTers helped make it. I love that about our group.

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  3. When you said you were quilting again, the happy Snoopy music started playing in my head. Then you showed the Charlie Brown quilt and I giggled. I love both of those quilts! That old medallion I made sure does look good in that quilt. I’m so glad that somebody is going to be wrapped in it.


    1. I so love that three of us worked on the medallion quilt. It’s a nice feeling to know we can do group projects even when we don’t get to see each other in person. Thank you again for the quilt tops and quilt top beginnings you sent. I think this was actually the last one! But I still have loads of lovely fabric that I’ve been using for binding and backing and so many things for Linus, so thank you again!


      1. I’ve got the next one picked out and a backing chosen for it, but haven’t loaded it on the frame yet. I want to get ahead on my Project Linus donations for the year before I start tackling personal quilts. What I’m happiest about is that this set up I spent a decent chunk of money on is finally working, not just taking up space as a less than useful shelf.


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