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TTMT #186: Mountain Meadows

This is longer than I’d hoped for! Apologies! Also when you get to the bit where I talk about being sea-sick, turn down your volume. I don’t know how to adjust volume in my videos without adjusting the whole thing..

7 thoughts on “TTMT #186: Mountain Meadows

  1. You made some progress! I love all the colors. I’ve done a pretty good job of not starting new projects this month. I just need to keep it up next month. It’s all just mind games anyway. I’m just going to do what I want to anyway! Keep having fun!


    1. Doing what we want is always more fun 😀 I do sometimes feel like I ought to keep better records on how to finish things, in case I get hit by a bus tomorrow and someone gets a donation they don’t know how to use haha. (What a dreadful thing to say, but if last year reinforced any lesson in my life, it’s that anything really can happen at any time.)


  2. You got a lot done. I think a lot of us are trying to work on moving those UFOs forward.
    It’s really hard with so many shinny new projects calling out to us.

    I haven’t started anything new this month. I did do the two Clover quilts in January but they are finished and with Linus.

    I remember those Cake Recipes from Moda. They are always nice looking quilts. You have a huge stack of blocks done. WTG!

    I like the HST quilts you are doing. The colors are very cheery feeling.
    The stack is huge! I know you don’t finish as much as you want but you always get a tremendous amount done.

    I love the Mountains Meadows quilting. I have seen people do like pine tree type quilting but I’m not sure how easy it is. Either way your quilt looks great.

    Happy Crafting


    1. I say every year that I’m going to work on finishing things and I almost always wind up starting at least as much as I finish, but that’s okay… it’d be nice if I could get even a few finishes more than starts though 😀 New and shiny is my jam, but I’m trying to convince myself my old projects are new and shiny again just by virtue of having ignored them for so long haha..

      I don’t mind the cake recipe version of sewing a quilt – it’s a really mindless kind of paper piecing, since you literally just put two squares of fabric together, pin on the paper, and then sew on all the marked lines – but to be honest I think my own HSTs come together a little better than some of these did… rare for paper piecing not to have perfection! I must have messed up something along the line. (Probably I pressed them out of whack or something.) I think this made 21 big blocks (16.5″ I think), which should make for a half decent sized quilt.

      I really like my green/gold HST project… I hope it looks as cool put together as I was imagining it. The other one is very cheerful sorts of colours – pinks, aquas, reds, orange, yellow – but it’s just not my favourite style. I will probably end up liking it a lot more by the end than I do now at the beginning. I’m loving the blocks, though.. I think it should make some interesting shapes/patterns.

      So with my Mountain Meadows I wound up doing a kind of leafy vine.. I’ve done that sort of thing before and it felt a little lazy, but I also want to finish by the end of February… I’m running out of days and need to stop being so fussy about what decisions I make 😀 I have two days off mid-week this week so I need to like… devote myself to quilting those two days, forget anything else I wanted to get done this week haha.


      1. I’m looking forward to seeing Mountain Meadows. I liked that one from when you first showed it. I’m sure it will look wonderful.

        We all try to reign it in with new projects. It’s hard with all the new pretty ones wait for us.

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  3. I remember the Mod Peak quilt. When I think of a quilting representation of pine trees I see something akin to a geometric xmas tree. That’s basically a pine. I feel like that might be the simplest way of doing a continuous line quilting of trees.You could do them skinner to make them less xmassy looking.

    With the Modern HST BoM I would say any leftover blocks or HST units just use on the back. It adds interest to the back and doesn’t leave you with leftovers.

    “As you all know, starting new things is fun”. Truer words have never been said, lol. It’s been REALLY hard not to start anything new until I get a bunch of quilts quilted, so now that I’m quilting again, I’m planning to plow through my linus quilts so that I just have a stack waiting to bind a coupe each month and can start new things!


    1. I would up just doing a kind of leafy vine type thing in place of pine trees… seemed easier than trying to figure out a way to make trees that looked good 😀

      I think I’ll probably use some of the HSTs on the back or maybe I’ll add some to the front if I want to change the size of the quilt.. (it’s going to be 60×80 I think, so maybe I could extra rows down the side would be a good thing). There’s so many that it feels like the back would be a near match to the front if I used them all, but maybe I could make a smaller charity quilt or something with some of them too.


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