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TTMT#128-P is for Procrastinate

les calanques de cassis

6 thoughts on “TTMT#128-P is for Procrastinate

  1. Outlander Wall Hanging turned out fabulous! I love your landscapes. They really look amazing.

    I pretty much procrastinate so much in binding that I end up with piles for it to do at once.

    Happy Crafting! I hope you get lots of sewing done on your off week.


  2. Your Outlander piece looks so great! You know I’m going to start getting requests for your applique pieces, right?! If you ever want to share your patterns, you know how to find me! 😉

    I love the small piece for your friend. It’s just lovely.


  3. I love the wall hanging. It’s a nice way to do a quilt but not have a huge one. But it still gets the feeling of the show across. very nice! And your landscape quilting is always so beautiful. I know he will love the mini.

    Good luck finishing the tshirt quilt. You can do it!


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