TTMT Video

TTMT #62 Yappy out descriptions of what I don’t show you 🤣

The 2019 Swap Back & my sweet girl Lia.

7 thoughts on “TTMT #62 Yappy out descriptions of what I don’t show you 🤣

  1. I did a little happy dance when you mentioned driving to Austin. WOO! Dominae and I are going to take the train to the convention center, which I’ve never done before. My daughter has and she said it’s easy peasy, so we’re going to give it a go. Can’t wait to see you!

    I’m loving your pieced back, it looks fantastic! Have lots of fun with the new software. I totally get how the feel of software can affect whether you like it or not.

    Momma cat is SO beautiful! ♥


  2. I love love love your pieced back! Really looking forward to seeing the whole thing once it’s done. I still need to finish my blocks, let alone my top and back, lol.

    Lia looks so sweet! I love that she’s chilling out on a chair instead of hiding. I’m glad she’s settling in.


    1. Thanks I’m pretty happy with it.
      I have a deadline for something I want to enter it in. So I otherwise may have left it a while longer.

      She is so sweet and dainty. Very lady like in a house full of goofballs.
      She is slowly getting more comfortable. Not sure she will every be a social cat but she is definitely more comfortable. Her son on the other hand is social enough for the both of them.


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