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TTMT #560 – Quilts Away!

I forgot to mention two things in my video: Jewells had enough of the bicycle fabric for me to finish the nine patches for the Disappearing Nine Patch and I did get the four quilts for Oz Comfort Quilts off in the mail last week! I want to give a special shout out to my friend Cynthia for helping with shipping for that! ♥


9 thoughts on “TTMT #560 – Quilts Away!

  1. Is it Friday yet??? 😭 I’m so excited!

    I was gonna ask did you check your encoders. That is normally the issue with rand skipped stitching. It’s losses contact somewhere. 🤞🏻Hopefully it’s an easy fix.

    Love your sweet orphan block quilts.

    See you soon


    1. I did so much troubleshooting with my encoders, it wasn’t even funny! It wasn’t really skipping. It would slow waaaaay down and if I was still moving, I’d end up with a random long stitch. VERY frustrating. I reset, adjusted, tweaked, and even checked the level on my table, but to no avail! My setup is still under warranty, so once the guy I was working with realized what all I had tried without any luck, he decided to just send new encoders.

      FRIDAY!!! ♥

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  2. So much goodness in this video! I am so excited that y’all get to visit with Jennifer R at Quilt Con Friday. Fun Times!

    That bicycle fabric has made the rounds for sure, lol. Now it’s all gone… the (quilting) circle of life!

    That project linus kit was great. I never score anything close to that good at the thrift store. What a great find that was.


    1. I’m excited to have a day off to look at quilts and pet all the fabric! Getting to do it with friends is even better. 😊

      That thrift store score was one of a kind! I have never gotten anything quite that good related to quilts before.

      RIP bicycle fabric, you did your duty!


  3. Have all the fun at Quiltcon this weekend! I hope the quilt show is really great (there is always much Instagram angst the day the acceptance and rejection letters go out, and so many good ones get rejected you always hope the accepted ones are somehow better(.

    That’s really great you were able to send back that project linus kit.. bet they’ll be so happy to have it back.


    1. I have seen the angst. That kind of thing is why I don’t enter into quilt shows. Once was enough for me! They literally pick your work apart and I don’t find that in the least helpful. Even so, I am looking forward to seeing the show AND the vendors. 😁

      The lady I spoke with from Project Linus was really nice and so happy that I was sending back a wayward quilt. Apparently the kits are a recruiting thing they do, but they obviously don’t all come back.


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