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TTMT #61 Binding & 之

9 thoughts on “TTMT #61 Binding & 之

  1. Your quilt is wonderful!!!! Hoping you feel better soon. I have never joined a quilt guild. I have looked into it several times, never had any luck. They do have a No guild sewing group?? the next town over and I have thought about checking it out. Maybe?
    Hopefully you’ll find the group that is right for you.



    Look at you getting binding done! Trinkets looks fantastic.

    I totally get the making yourself leave your house thing. Sometimes it is harder than others, especially when you don’t have to. It’s been harder for me since the chronic pan + my kids not living at home and needing me to take them places! I’ve been a member of two different guilds and neither felt quite right for me. One was way, way too big (Austin Quilt Guild is so big, they have two separate meetings!) and the other was too far to drive and I was on the younger end of the spectrum and sort of treated like “oh aren’t you cute wanting to quilt?!” which wasn’t particularly fun. I kind of treat Linus like my guild. It’s certainly the group I enjoy most and I drag my friends with me whenever I have the chance. I’m glad the new group was more comfy for you. That makes so much difference!


    1. *jumping up & down*

      Uh a yeah me too!

      If I had a Linus like you have that would be my guild as well. I felt very welcomed at the one and the other feel weird. My NC one was small and a very nice age mix.
      This one as most is older but plenty of ….hmmm dare I say middle age range there. But maybe most importantly it felt welcoming.
      The Bee is like 6 of us. I think once we get a groove going it will be good.

      Children need rides definitely makes one leave the house. I do t car pool this year. So its weird not to have to drive so much. But she is in GS and Destination Imagination again. So lots of going one anyway. But no where near the cray cray days to all 3 being young and at home.

      Im sure Ill more comfortable as I go. It really was just weird this time. Which my dad passing so soon after we got here.
      I couldnt very well go out to meet new friends on the verge of tears all the time. So it was delayed compared to past moves, but Im getting there.

      See you soooooon


  3. Love to see your finished Trinkets quilt! It looks so good… love the scrappy binding, it’s perfect.

    You’re on a real binding odyssey lately! Bet it’s nice to finish off some things though


  4. I really wanted to come see y’all but just not a good time for me to travel. We are dealing with all kinds of issues sucking up our time and money that are part of our really old house falling down around our ears. So yeah. but I hope y’all have a great time and look forward to living vicariously through you.

    Trinkets looks so fantastic. I love using leftover fabric for the binding, it just feels like the whole quilt came full circle, lol. It looks fantastic and snuggly. I’m glad you found a group to meet with. Once a month is something I can handle so my Linus group is perfect for that, although I tend to be on the young end of members, believe it or not, lol. Most of them are retired. I am the same way. If I don’t have a commitment outside the house, I don’t go, for the most part. Work gets me out at least 5 days a week, sometimes more, so I cherish every second I get to stay in my pjs. If I didn’t have work I’d probably never leave the house, lol.


    1. Yeah I understand that. Our Ohio house had been built in 1948. I swear it was always falling down around us. My current one is 20 yrs old. Many of the replacements have been done by previous owners. We did just do the roof as we moved in but it was a split cost with the old owner that went out of his way to avoid doing it. So fingers crossed we dont have to many things. We are probably going to move closer to his work when she is finished with school. So I definitely intend to keep on top of things. I do not want a huge list of prep in 4 1/2 yrs.

      When I worked outside of the house full time, I cherished home time. Now I could go long periods not going out if I didnt force myself. Its not healthy for me. So I definitely make social goals for my own wellbeing.


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