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TTMT #559 – Show & Shiver!

All of the quilts for Oz Comfort Quilts are officially complete plus I share my finishes for my February donation to The Linus Connection!


9 thoughts on “TTMT #559 – Show & Shiver!

  1. I still love every wavy baby afghan I’ve seen.. they all look great. I like the striped look for this one.. seems like a versatile pattern.

    That Oz comfort quilts package is going to be great – I can’t imagine how much they’ll appreciate having some finished items come in… I don’t know if you remember a couple years back when there was a horrific bus accident in Canada where a whole hockey team was hit and half the team died and the rest were injured, but the last I heard, the quilt guild that was taking all the donations for quilt blocks and quilt tops (and finished quilts) after the first year was still working to finish all those donated bits and pieces into quilts. Not to take anything away from the unfinished donations, but all the finished ones must have been a bit of a relief once they realized exactly how much was going to be sent to them.


    1. I sadly do remember that accident! The Modern Quilt Guild here is collecting blocks to send to the MQG in Australia, but I just picture thousands of blocks and finding people to sew them! We’ve done something similar on a smaller scale for Linus and it took a small army of people to put the quilts together. I definitely made a decision to send finished quilts for a reason! I can’t send as much this way, but I’m sending less work for the volunteers there.

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      1. The last few things that I’ve wanted to participate in I’ve sent money or ordered batting or backing fabric to be sent directly to someone who was part of the effort just because I can kind of do more that way (unless something is fairly local) than I can by spending money on shipping costs… also I know that part of it must be terribly expensive for these groups as well. It’s always a lovely way to help sending things to be made, but I just can’t imagine the logistics.

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  2. The quilts look fantastic, and I have always loved Oh Wavy Baby. I particularly love the look of the waves with sporadic flowers. I am going to have to try that one on a quilt soon. It’s so cute! They are going to be so glad at least some of the stuff they receive is finished and ready to distribute.

    No neighbor cat in this week’s video? Was it too chilly for them? lol


    1. I think neighbor cat was smarter than me and stayed inside!

      I am pleased to have the Oz quilts done! They have been getting a lot of blocks and fabrics and I know they are pretty snowed under with things to work on, so I’m glad to be able to share finished projects.

      I’ve really been in the quilting groove lately. We’ll see if I can keep it up!


  3. The quilts are wonderful. I ended up making a $ donation to them because I felt the quilts wasn’t worth the price of sending them (they were extremely simple and Christmas fabric) And I contacted Jan. They were happy to receive the money because so many unfinished pieces was being sent to them.They are going to be overjoyed with your finished quilts!! Of course my favorite is the star.
    Such a cute pink quilt and the wavy baby is awesome!


    1. I totally understand making a cash donation. I was VERY lucky that everything I used was donated, so all it cost me was time and postage. A local friend is splitting the postage cost with me, which makes it even easier for me. 🙂


  4. The quilts all turn out just lovely. Oz Comfort Quilts is going to be thrilled with the completed quilts.

    Oh Way Baby is always a fabulous pattern. I had to giggle I completely for about the yarn. I vaguely recall sending it. It’s been a year and my brain can only hold so much ya know.

    A bit excited for next week…. eeek

    Happy Crafting


    1. When I was talking about the crochet blanket, I was like…I know Jennifer sent some of that yarn, but I have NO IDEA which it was. Ah well, sometimes it’s an effort to keep our brains working!

      See you in a WEEK! ♥


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