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TTMT #342 – jewells68 – February 11, 2020 – *flails*

I quilted a thing! It’s trimmed and ready to bind. If I have enough of the yellow backing left I will just bind it with that. Hopefully I will. Y’all this is epic! I’m so glad to be quilting again! Woo!!

12 thoughts on “TTMT #342 – jewells68 – February 11, 2020 – *flails*

  1. I LOVE how excited you are about all the things working. WOO! It’s about time you get a break on the quilty front!

    Ha, well, I sent the PoD back to you because I felt your charity quilt needs were greater than mine at the time. It was a group effort and I was happy to share. ♥ How cool that the PoD will be on display! That really is delightful!

    I also have some videos to watch from last week. It was a LONG week for me!


    1. I talked to Jason at Grace yesterday. He was telling me how glad he was that we had success this time around. I said, you’re glad? When I pressed that button and the needle started moving tears sprang to my eye and I’m pretty sure there was a choir of angels singing somewhere. He laughed out loud at that.

      I am thrilled you sent the PoD back to me! It got me on my way to my 2020 donations AND now it’s going to be on display which is pretty cool. It was a fun weekend, I didn’t even really mind the yardwork so much because it was such a beautiful day.


  2. !!! Yay for being able to quilt again! Sweet little baby quilt – that’ll be very nice.

    That orphan PoD looks amazing.. can’t believe someone gave up that many blocks in haha. Lucky you/Linus!


    1. It’s certainly an adjustment from my previous frame, but to be done with a baby quilt in several days from start to finish without needing an adjustment from a chiropractor is pretty sweet. As I learn the limitations and branch out into larger quilts I’ll be better able to really tell you what I think about it. Honestly I kind of wish I had gone ahead and gotten the 8 foot Qzone Queen. I probably could have made it work in my space, but I feel like I can definitely make this work in a relatively easy way for at least 3-5 years.

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    1. Baby quilt is ready for binding. I also need to print a label if I have any more printable colorfast fabric.

      I love just about every PoD I see. It was fun to put a top together without having had to piece the blocks, lol.


  3. Eeeeeeeeeeeeek! Yay for quilting!!!
    I’m so excited for you. You’ve been monkeying around for a while trying to get this set up working.
    So happy for you!

    Oh I love the little doom. I used brick fabric on both my fantastic beast quilts and on a POD, but outside not inside. There was a bit of messing around for the direction but not a lot. I would go crazy doing it for the entire thing.

    It’s really lovely.

    Omg go have the best quilty week!


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