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TTMT #50 KH Week 3 and Fundraising

Remind me not to sew when I’m on so many meds. A lot of back tracking going on. I’m still feeling a bit tired, but on the mend.

Kingdom Hearts QAL Week #3 Paopu Fruit and Key Border Trinket


3 thoughts on “TTMT #50 KH Week 3 and Fundraising

  1. I designed Rainbow Cascade when I had bronchitis several years and I have to tell you that I had to rewrite ALL of the directions before I could share it. It was a complete disaster!

    Good luck getting both of your quilts done in time and very good luck with the fundraiser!

    Starting with easier patterns does help ease people into a QAL. You’re doing great, lady!

    Feel better!


  2. It seems like you’re having a real string of bad health luck… hope things are better now!

    The heart quilt looks really nice.. I like the colours you’ve chosen.

    Good luck with your fundraiser – sounds like a good cause!


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