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TTMT: 2/5/20 – Obsession

8 thoughts on “TTMT: 2/5/20 – Obsession

  1. I love boxes. I have been in love with them since I was a little kid. Remember the cedar boxes you would get at a souvenir shops? Cigar boxes are beautiful. I have a few with all kinds of goodies in them. Sometimes I use them as a gift box…that is if I can part with it! LOL!

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  2. Oh my goodness, girl, your machine embroidery game is ON! I can’t believe that mandala. I can only imagine how long it took to stitch out. Fantastic!

    I also lovely cigar boxes, but you win for the sheer variety! I have stamps and polymer clay supplies in mine. How fun!


  3. You have been doing fantastic work with that embroidery machine of yours. I love the look of the mug rug. And the mandala is beautiful. I bet that took hours of embroidery machine time.

    I love boxes, especially if they have a hinged lid. I have one whitmans sampler tin with a hinged lid that was either my mother’s or my husband’s mothers full of buttons and things. It’s currently empty but only until I think of a new use for it!


  4. How mandala! Gorgeous and must have taken forever to stitch out.

    I love containers. I don’t have any cigar boxes but I definitely can get obsessed with beautiful boxes or containers. You have a beautiful collection there.


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