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TTMT #341 – jewells68 – February 4, 2020 – Just one thing

So I’m still waiting to receive what will hopefully get me quilting on my Qzone Hoop Frame. Meanwhile I’m binding a quilt for Project Linus that Jennifer quilted for me in December so that I have something to turn in at the February meeting. I also didn’t mention that I have a sideways shell blanket currently on the hook, but only work on it occasionally because of the wrist, so it’s likely going to take a while to finish. Welcome to February!

8 thoughts on “TTMT #341 – jewells68 – February 4, 2020 – Just one thing

  1. Oh my those leaders were huge! Yours look like a much better size and well made. I have to fix my leaders, they are beginning to bow.

    I hope Jason’s correct and you get the part. Happy binding. Binding has been a huge amount of my time this week.

    Stay warm


    1. They are kind of heavy to use for small quilt. Kind of like wrestling an octopus. I considered cutting them down, but want them available for occasional larger quilts. I already had the leftover mattress ticking so it worked out perfectly! I actually still have the leaders I purchased for my 10 foot frame, but am still saving those in case I get a bigger one because those suckers were expensive!

      Miss P told me a pkg arrived before she left for class this morning. I think it’s the one I’m waiting for because I got zero notifications which means it was probably FedEx ground.


  2. I was cracking up because I’m pretty sure that’s the same leader that’s on my frame…and it’s king-size, lol!

    Yay for getting a size made that will work better for your charity quilts and yay for quilting-to-come!


    1. It’s just too unwieldy for frequent small quilts. But i didn’t want to cut it down because I do have some larger ones that need to be quilted too! And I had plenty of mattress ticking left. Heck I STILL have some left.

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    1. These cushions were ridiculously overstuffed. For years we’ve taken them off the sofa and just tossed some other pillows there. When I went to put the xmas tree up I said NO MORE and I filled an entire big space bag with stuffing from the two cushions, but one of them was still a big too big, so that is the one I raided for this project.


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