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TTMT #557 – Orphan Blocks for Oz

TTMT Friends! I have the mailing address for Oz Comfort Quilts. If you need it, feel free to contact me as Jan does not like to have her address shared publicly. I will be shipping my package out as soon as I finish quilting & binding Lynn’s two quilt tops that I mentioned in the video. Shipping to Australia from the US is quite expensive, so please make sure aware of that before heading to the post office. I don’t want to give anyone sticker shock!

Also, I will be attending QuiltCon in February. It’s here in Austin, so of course, I have to go! If anyone is attending and is interested in a meetup, please let me know and I’ll try to arrange my schedule around that.


9 thoughts on “TTMT #557 – Orphan Blocks for Oz

  1. You need to get your own size of that hat because with your new haircut it’s completely adorable!

    I loved this quilt from beginning to end. I always love your eye for putting those orphans together into their new family. And you are right, there were so many squares and rectangles in the blocks themselves, a meander was the perfect quilting for it.



    1. Aren’t Eli and I gross enough without matching hats?! I do love wearing hats. I might have to consider one of my own. 😉

      All I want to do right now is sew orphan block tops. It’s been a good way to counter random stress!



  2. As always I love your orphan block tops. Quilting is lovely for it. I always adore a meander.

    Those blankets from Amber are gorgeous!

    What a talented neighbor cat Quilt Inspector & film director 😂

    So glad you are getting some quilt therapy in!

    Happy Crafting


    1. Thank you! I don’t know what it is about orphan blocks I love so much. Maybe it’s that I have no history with them, so it’s easier to do whatever I want with them.

      Amber is magical with that crochet hook!


  3. I always love seeing the orphan block quilts. I have had my share of blocks and I always say I’m gonna use them, but I usually just move on. I love that they find a forever home.
    The hat is wonderful!


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