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TTMT #340 – jewells68 – January 28, 2020 – Cuttin’ and Sortin’

In which I talk about digging myself out from under Scrap Mountain and a brief bit about The Saga of The Quilting Frame. This week is a bit more Tell than Show. Hopefully next week will be more Show. Take care and have a crafty week!

12 thoughts on “TTMT #340 – jewells68 – January 28, 2020 – Cuttin’ and Sortin’

  1. Awesome Jewels! I have so many scraps I don’t want to chuck. I also have the Accuquilt. Its the ironing of the scraps that slows me down. I have 3 of those jars with bits in them. Also have a Rubbermaid tub with scraps in gallon ziplocks by color. AND I have many many blocks waiting to be made into quilts!I want to dedicate a week to just cutting bits. It will bring my shameless amount of tubs down by half!
    Happy Sewing. Hope your part gets there SOON!


    1. I have clear plastic shoeboxes overflowing with just a single color (red, yellow, multi, sparkly, pink), and then some LARGEer bins for blue, black, white/cream, green, and brown/tan. The lids were literally popping off they were so full. ALL of them. This is really helping, and it keeps me from going insane while I wait for the frame issues to be sorted.


  2. Woo-hoo for getting so organized while waiting for your frame woes to be over! Also yay for superhero Jason! I can’t wait for you to be quilting again! I love that you have an entire bin of black 2.5″ strips. Ehem. 😁


    1. I gotta do something or I may end up driving to Utah to box some ears.I’m going to need a bigger bin for my 2.5 in strips so I’m glad I’m cleaning these other ones out. I’m not allowed (by ME) to buy any more, there’s just no room now.

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  3. Organization makes me Zen! I’m anything but organized right now. Yay for getting it done! It makes for a nice work space.

    Thank You Jason!!!

    Love love love me some triangles! Can’t wait to see what magic you make with it. They are fun tops.

    Good to see you & hope you are quilting very soon.


    1. The cutting and sorting are keeping me from going insane while they sort out the mess they made of my order. I know the triangles are going to take a while to put together, but I just love how those quilts look, i had to buy the die during all the crazy holiday sales.


  4. Exciting to have new equipment (soon?). New leaders will be nice, too.
    Organizing always makes me feel productive. You’re organizing your fabric almost like mine is. Mostly by size. Then by color (including a “multicolor” bag). I do have a HUGE amount of small scraps and had no idea what to do with them, so thanks for explaining your plans. The ones that are long enough get sewn onto my adding machine tape for a scrappy quilt. The smaller ones go into scraps. The adding machine tape is pretty much a diary of what I sewed in what order.
    Can’t wait to see your new work next week.


    1. Dealing with the scrap situation helps me feel like I am at least accomplishing something while I wait for this company to get their stuff in order and send me the correct equipment. I got my return label yesterday to send back the WRONG stuff, lol. So the process is happening, just happening slowly.


  5. This whole business with the quilt frame has been the most long on-going frustrating thing haha. I hope the saga is really nearly done!

    Sounds like your organizing and strip making is going well. I need to figure out something to do with my scraps… I think I need to give some away again, haha. I’ve cut two big quilts out of my green/blue scraps and still have enough for another half dozen quilts, I think. It’s never-ending!


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