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TTMT #92 – Three little things.


8 thoughts on “TTMT #92 – Three little things.

  1. Nice solution for the butterfly blocks.

    The dog fabric is gorgeous. That will be really a adorable quilt.

    Nice finish on the Frogs. I stall out on binding sometimes. One of my less than favorite parts of quilting.

    Happy Crafting


    1. I have a whole stack to bind right now. I need to just get more disciplined–it’s not like I don’t watch enough TV to get them all done.
      The dogs are starting to look like Mardi Gras. These blocks, too, are not squares (what are fabric designers thinking we’re doing with squares?). So I’m getting creative, and they won’t measure evenly but will look fine. I’m really excited about them.
      I dowloaded the demo of Prostitcher Designer (HQ’s alternative to Art and Stitch), and am also spending too much time on that! It’s amazing! Too many projects to do in one lifetime.

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        1. I agree. I’ve been using the demo until I can afford to buy it — great price that I can’t pass up, just on a budget right now. In the demo you can’t save your designs, but I am LOVING it.


    1. Thanks. I cannot BELIEVE how cute the dogs are! I’ve turned it into a Mardi Gras quilt. The Krewe of Muts parade goes right in front of my brother’s office. I am going to hang it over the balcony of his 200-ear-old three-story Victorian house (office) with the cannon in front! The Krewe of Muts is an all dog parade, and this year the theme is Fairy Tails. So I need to get this finished before February 9. Shouldn’t be a problem. I already have the design figured out for the quilting once it’s Molly’s turn to help me.
      On the butterflies (not on the front burner right now) I’m thinking of doing a small (machine) blanket stitch around the butterflies to make them look appliqued. We’ll see if I want to get that details.


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