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TTMT #66 Beginnings and Endings

Sorry there is no video this week. The internet is not cooperating and I can’t get enough ‘power’ to make a video.

I have finished The Big Book of Knitted Monsters by Rebecca Danger. There are 20 monsters that I have knitted between January 2013 and January 2020!! These are my last three. I had lots of fun making and sharing them.

Toothy Joe the Mailbox Monster              Kat the Kitchen Monster

image.png             image.png

Petunia the Patio Monster



I’ve also started the Poca Sweater by Laura Nelkin.

image.png  Picture of Laura Nelkin in her sweater..

It’s an interesting design and how you knit it is interesting, too


This is the sleeve and I’m increasing stitches to make the body!? Yes, that’s 3 needles. The 2 with the white yarn are helping me to add on the stitches for the front and the back. It’s going to be interesting to see how this works.

So much fun, too.

Have a great week! I look forward to seeing what you all are doing!

Sarah in Houston

4 thoughts on “TTMT #66 Beginnings and Endings

  1. I can’t believe you made all 20 monsters, how wonderful!

    I love the yarn for the sweater. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

    Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you! ALL the yarn you gave me went home with various volunteers on Saturday. A good many of the knitting needles found new homes, too. I’ll put the rest aside for our Silent Auction. Thank you again for sharing!


  2. I have always loved your monsters! That’s awesome that you made every. single. one. Wow!

    That purple yarn for the sweater is gorgeous. JUST GORGEOUS! That’s a really interesting method of construction, I hope you tell us how it all goes.


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