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TTMT #59 Clover Do Over

8 thoughts on “TTMT #59 Clover Do Over

  1. I really like how the quilt came out. Do you program in the Baptist fan? I wonder what the clover do over would look like scrappy?


  2. I love, love the quilting. LOVE. The fabric colors are so soft and pretty together. I am really looking forward to seeing your next one come together. And now you’ve got me curious about the setup you want for your space! I hope that works out.


  3. Your quilt is so peaceful. I’m glad you got your room arrangement settled. Getting the main areas set up really gets things started.
    Maybe I can help you make some of your money. I have some quilts that need quilting. 🙂


  4. The clover do over looks great, those are nice subtle colors. Kind of a vintage feel. And the Baptist fan looks wonderful. All those linus quilts are going to really help you master your quilting program!

    That’s great that you figured out what you want. I keep getting closer and closer to what will work best in my small room. Eventually I will get there! But have a bad habit if trying to build stuff myself to save money and then I’m not 100% happy with it. So it’s definitely worth working toward being able to buy what you need.


  5. The clover quilt looks really good.. I love the Baptist fan! It’s too bad the spacing is a little off but I bet nobody would notice if you don’t point it out.

    Glad to hear you’ve figured out how you want your sewing space organized!


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