TTMT Video

TTMT #556 – Batiks for Oz

Oof, what a noisy video! I had a surprise guest, lots of construction sound from my neighbors working on their house, and you can REALLY see that I’m growing out my color. All in all a fun, if loud, video to make!


11 thoughts on “TTMT #556 – Batiks for Oz

  1. I’m still giggling over the neighbors Cat. Quilts are like cat magnets even in the wild.
    Super sweet orphan block quilt. The quilting is perfect.

    Jeanie’s Quilt a long is fantastic! I’m 100% sure people are gonna be nuts over it.

    You have the cutest supervisor 😽


  2. It looks so great, and I could not be happier that those leftovers from my 2019 Project Linus Mystery Quilt are already in a quilt headed to someone who greatly needs some comfort!

    OMG cat. I was watching going. nononononononono!

    dipper is so adorbs. I wish he wouldn’t have fled every time he saw me, lol.


    1. I probably should have left my freaking out at the cat in just for fun, but it was pretty cringeworthy!!

      And I am SO pleased to have used such a wide variety of blocks up in such a short amount of time. I have NO batik blocks left, woo!

      Dipper is adorable, but he is totally a derp, so definitely don’t take it personally. 😛


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