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TTMT #185

A couple of finishes and a bit about my kinda sorta goals for the year.

Patterns shown:

7 thoughts on “TTMT #185

  1. I’m laughed pretty hard at the description of 2019. My 2019 could described similarly.

    Yay for two finished! I love the Plus quilt. It’s super sweet and the quilting is fun.

    You can always send blocks on down to Texas for a Linus quilt. I like the quilt but I do think swap blocks don’t always work together as planned.

    Can you use the blocks with more white as corners or even as a pattern within the quilt like a stripe? I’m guessing with the right layout they would work.

    Good to see you & here is to kicking ass in the list for 20/20 👏🏻


  2. You are rockin’ it so far this year. I love love love those arches. They look fantastic! And the one from bday blocks looks great too. You did a good job matching those up. You pretty much summed up my feelings on bday blocks. It’s pretty much come to a halt I think. Those that are still posting on FB are posting that they are finally getting around to piecing their tops from years ago, lol. Originally I was like “I LOVE THIS BLOCK THIS WOULD MAKE A GREAT QUILT!” but when I pull the blocks outnow I’m like, “meh, maybe later”, lol.

    You keep rockin’ it girl.


    1. Thank you! I really liked quilting the arches too.. it’s a quick and easy one that leaves the quilt soft and drapable while giving nice coverage. It helped that the whole quilt was pretty much 2″ squares, but I think it’d be really do-able over a lot of type quilts.

      I think I must have asked for the same block every year I participated in Birthday blocks… I did want to make a bed-sized quilt. This block makes a nice looking quilt, I think, but I think if I were to do it all over again, I’d want something more unified… even if it was just… All Blue Fabric or something. Something that would help tie everything together.


  3. Back in the day, as you say…I participated in Birthday Blocks twice and had trouble getting anything in the theme I wanted. And you know I’ll take your orphan blocks if you don’t want them.

    The plus quilt is SO sweet. Any luck finding a local charity? I hope you can find somewhere to donate, I’m sure your quilts will be so very appreciated. It’s also super freeing to just give stuff away and be able to make more!

    That is one heck of a to-do list. “Sorta goals” is a good way to tackle it!


    1. I actually have a couple things to send you, I just need to get around to it. One of these days…! I’m not sure about the blocks just yet… honestly I feel kind of bad passing them along, though maybe I shouldn’t feel bad. I don’t know. There aren’t too many blocks in the bunch that I do like.

      I kind of have a lead on a local charity, but I know of it through a lady who was in my former block bee who participates in the charity through her local longarmers guild. So I don’t know who exactly they give their quilts to, but I imagine I could leave a bundle of quilts with her to add to her own donations. She honestly lives so far away from me though that I kind of dread the idea of dropping things off. I also know another lady who coordinates quilts for a local women’s shelter, but I reached out to her a month or so ago about sizes etc and she never got back to me. If I can pin her down, she works at a place that’s only a couple minutes out of my way when I’m going to/from work, so convenience wise it’d work out.

      My goals are always sorta goals. If I can do better than last year (more than 4 of 12), then I’ll be happy… doesn’t have to be all 24 items. (Thank goodness. All 24 would be some achievement, but I don’t think I’d have time to do much else.)


  4. Congrats on the finishes! They look wonderful!! I always feel better when I start seeing progress.I like to have a plan for what I want to get done, but over the last year I have worked toward being more flexible.But if I get really close to the end of a project I have to see it though.


    1. I feel like if you and I could each take on about half the others style – you being very disciplined about finishing things and me just starting all the things and finishing none of them – we’d have a couple of better rounded quilter- types. You’d feel more flexible and I’d be a little more productive haha. I think you are doing pretty good with the flexibility though, actually, so whatever you’ve been doing seems like it’s working! I still need to work on my discipline, but I am happy to have had a good start to the year.


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