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TTMT#126-Thursday Totin’

3 thoughts on “TTMT#126-Thursday Totin’

  1. Haha, yes I’ve been working on bags for over a month, lol. I have made SO many versions. Nowhere near as fancy as yours, however, those are really cute!

    I think your plan for the FB quilt is going to work out great with that panel,. That’s a terrific idea.

    The qtr log cabin blocks on the wall are lovely. That’s going to make a fun bright quilt. I hope you enjoy your crafty weekend!


  2. Oh those bags are so pretty! I love the Fantastic Beast blocks. The layout around the panel is cool.

    I was at Guild meeting this week where the speaker talked about her guild checking blocks size before people could turn them in. Which honestly cracked me up that they did that. She said it worked well and everyone knew it was coming.

    Ahh uninterrupted sewing time is priceless! Enjoy!!!


  3. I somehow missed that our sons were at the same place in their education! Doesn’t time just fly?! I do miss making things for my kids, so when one of them asks, I tend to drop everything and just DO IT! I love both totes, they are fantastic.

    I have seen a couple of Fantastic Beasts quilts coming back out. That’s just wonderful!


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