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Bags, the Final Half-Dozen

I did not have time to record yesterday and won’t have time today, as I continue cleaning up the project room this morning before work, in the aftermath of the great bag-making endeavors.  In the end I made 13 bags and have delivered them to specific coworkers between Monday and Tuesday of this week. I have some canvas left that I’m going to use for some bags for my own household. That being said, I already got the best commentary from one of the recipients of a bag that was a lightweight denim on the inside and a cotton on the outside with a print of various vegetables. She got her bag on Monday and she took it to Trader Joe’s that evening. 2 different people approached her and wanted to know where she got it! hearing something like that always makes me happy. And in this case makes me thing I might want to consider making more of these to sell at a future date.

By pressing and cutting the fabric pieces and preparing the straps in advance, I was able to crank out 6 of these babies in one day! Well worth the prep work. I used the following tutorial as the foundation for these last 6 bags, but I increased the fabric length of both the outside and the lining by 6 inches, and I also did french seams, and boxed the corners. Because of the french seams, I did not cut off the corners after boxing them, I just left them inside since their seams were finished. I will put the video tutorial which I based my final bags on below.

Meanwhile, Have pics of the last 6 bags. There are two bright green with red lining, one with a print of condiments and same red lining, and 3 with veggies on the outside and denim on the inside.

See you next week!

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12 thoughts on “Bags, the Final Half-Dozen

    1. I’m very pleased with how well those last 6 turned out and the response in general. I’ve been told I should make some to sell at work and I just might do that to make some “found money” to spend on whatever I want, lol


  1. The bags look great… I really like this tutorial you landed on (with your mods – the size and boxed corners are important!), I’m going to have to save it for my own use. I have some mostly unwanted canvas that could be put to use!


    1. I highly recommend skipping the french seams with canvas. Ask me how I know this, lol. But with regular cotton definitely. On the canvas ones I just sewed like in the tutorial and then used pinking shears on the edge of the seams to help delay fraying.


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