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back again!

6 thoughts on “back again!

  1. Love, love the pointy circles! Linus can do tinies as small as 30″. 😁 Also, the rectangle granny looks so, so good! And I totally remember your yarn color wheel!!

    Welcome, new Jasper. You will be well loved.


  2. Good to see your face! ❤️
    I love love love your pointy stars! I have a Granny gan made with leftovers from my Grandma. So I have a soft spot for them.

    I hope you knock out the organization of your space. It’s so much easier to get the crafty on in a space that works for you.

    Come back soon!!!!


  3. Hi Amber!
    Loving those pointy circle afghans! I have to admit that I’ve never really graduated past doing granny squares …oh, one mother in law taught me to do a shell when I was pregnant with my daughter and only have the border to finish…my daughter’s going to be 20 in March! LOL! Anyway, your afghans are just beautiful! Happy crafting!


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