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TTMT #58 Plain Vanilla Week

10 thoughts on “TTMT #58 Plain Vanilla Week

  1. Ahhh Thanks for the information about the Oz Comfort Quilts. I’ll either need to enlarge it a bit or give to Linus instead. For sure the second will be Linus as it will be smaller.

    Clover Do Over is just fine with me. I only made sure to do all the blocks the same. It will look good either way. The fabric was from Abbie but also realized I used some from Elizabeth too. I was short a block need a few more. A FQ she sent matched so well I added it. So full of TTmT love ❤️

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  2. Your R&B blocks look so good!

    That’s too bad about the vibration – is the desk too lightweight? I’ve got this drop in Sew-Ezi table and I find it a bit vibrate-y (but I am on a carpeted floor.. I do wonder if it would be better on non-carpet), but fortunately it doesn’t cause me pain! That’s just not good!

    Can’t wait to see the Clover Do Over.. such a neat pattern for using jelly rolls!


    1. My floors are engineered wood. So I’m not sure it matters. It’s a flimsy desk that my mother in law had and it’s fits my machine. I didn’t plan on using it long term but want to use it while I’m taking my time figuring out my space. A few of the options I have looked at are very pricey. So I want to really be sure before spending money. I just need to slow down. I may pull out my daughters machine and table to use if I take to much longer. Her table is more stable than my current one.

      I am loving the Rankin Bass blocks. I literally feel like I waited forever for these to become a reality. I made the original 4 from Liljabs at least 6 years ago. So I’m so happy to make these.


  3. Love the R&B pieces!! They turned out so cute.
    I have an extension on my table, and when it’s down it vibrates a bit. After a while it can get annoying. . I personally love regular heavy office desk and toolboxes vs “crafting tables”. Most of them are pressed wood instead of solid wood. It does make a difference.


  4. Vibration from my machine is really my main complaint about my Gidget 1 Table. I have a rubber shelf gripper under it and I have found a “sweet speed” of sorts that has the least amount of vibration, but I have a feeling I’m going to end up selling that table. Just too wobbly. I think if I had paid even 3/4 the regular price for this thing and hadn’t had a gift card to use I would be actually quite pissed at the quality. They charge way too much for such a flimsy table. They are doing some remodeling at work and I’ve been eyeing a couple of former desktops and doors, and have been asking them to let me know before throwing them out or giving them away to someone else. lol. They are thick MDF and one is real wood! I’ll make my own if they let me have or even buy one of those. I’m always checking the dumpster at work to make sure they haven’t thrown any of it in there, lol.

    Those are really sweet fabrics! I can’t wait to see the quilt tops, that’s going to be really cute!

    Your ranking bass blocks look good. I have to limit my pping too. Maybe my table is part of the problem, hmmm.


    1. My old sewing table was an 20 yr old IKEA Hemme desk. It was solid wood. I removed the front draw, cut a hole using a template, and built a shelf to sit the machine on. It was perfect with almost no vibration. It was moved to many times. I broke it when I was painting the room. I wood glued it back together but that meant it could be not be taken apart again and reassembled again. The sell a Hemmes desk that is similar but not the same. I’m not sure it will hold up as well and the dimensions have changed on it. When I was at festival I saw these gorgeous wood tables custom made in Canada. Super duper expensive. They are on my save the money up list.


  5. Oh Jennifer! I’m so glad you’re using that jellyroll…you’re definitely putting it to good use. I love the Rankin Bass blocks I never did do the one last block I planned on doing. Well, there’s always this year! LOL…probably 4-5 years and counting… Good luck this weekend…it’s going to be a tough one with KC.


    1. My main team lost last week. I grew up in Minnesota so I’m always bleeding purple.
      Ever since Bounty Gate, anytime we meet the Saints I’m happy. So it was a good year for me. My other teams (I know a little weird) is the Packers. I was born in Wisconsin. I generally just watch a lot of football regardless to team. I think KC will win the AFC and the NFC I think could either way but I think the Packers are the better team.

      I am enjoy the Clover do over with the Jelly Roll. It’s such an fast top and the fabrics are really very pretty.

      Happy Crafting


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