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TTMT #555 – Let’s Get Going

Thank you for all the sweet comments last week about both my new haircut and my 2019 finishes. Today I’m back in the sewing room and I talk about what I have going on right now. ♥


16 thoughts on “TTMT #555 – Let’s Get Going

  1. Awesome quilts! That Lonestar Quilt is amazing! Love the blues.
    Last year, I switched from a project board to an Excel spreadsheet. I didn’t have to do anything to it for 2020, because not much of 2019 got finished, but through the year each time I started a new project I just added it onto the 2019 list, so it has morphed. So it’s ready to go and enormous (I got all the fabric and other things I needed for 2020 quilts while I was working in 2019 so I could afford to quilt this year).
    I’m off to a pretty good start this year, but we’ll see. So nice to have time.

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  2. Oh those are sweet quilts behind you. I love how they look very planned out despite being orphan blocks. Very pretty! Oh yay for having your space back.

    The tops are really gorgeous and very generous!

    I decided to keep a craft journey this year. I can’t look at the UFO list or any list without feeling slightly anxious this year. I have so many list for things that’s are absolute required things right now I decided to rid myself of any list that are regarding things for my personal crafty. I literally right a date and the activity of the day. I feel like keeping it up<is super easy and I will be able to strum through it at the end of 2020 to see what I did. I’m glad to see you bumped UFO off the board. It shouldn’t feel stress to do what you love ❤️

    Happy Crafting


    1. I love making orphan block quilts, as you probably know. 😛 I will sometimes sort the blocks several times before they make it into a quilt. They have to speak to me first!

      My plate is so full, I just don’t see the point in stressing myself out more, you know?!


  3. Lovely quilts from the orphan blocks.. you always do a great job putting together disparate bits and making them seem like they were meant that way.

    The donated quilt tops are really great.. that lone star especially – wow!

    I’m still making my way back to last week’s videos, but your hair looks great! Very cute look. I’m curious how you feel about losing the length – I can’t remember you without long hair! (I was happy to lose my length when I chopped it, but every now and again I think about growing it back longer again. Probably not, but maybe, but probably not…)


    1. Thanks! I do love working with orphan blocks.

      Ha, you missed my surprise video! I don’t really miss the length much, but I’ll probably grow it out again because long hair is sort of my identity. Donating it definitely makes that part easier. The last time I cut my hair this short was about a year before I started TTMT. I think it was shoulder-ish when I started. It’s just hair, it always grows out!


  4. Gasp!!!! I love, love, love the lone star!
    Such wonderful quilts you have going on!
    You know me with the UFO’s. I currently only have one flimsy and that’s because the backing fabric I want to use is out of stock. I have always been in aww of everyone who has so many projects. I currently have 4 and it’s stressing me out!!!


    1. I thought of you as soon as I saw the Lone Star! It is really beautiful in real life.

      My “in progress” projects usually happened because I was organizing and moving on to something else and didn’t make time to finish. I’m working on it and am much better about seeing projects through to the end!


  5. Love ALL the quilt tops! I have gone back to my spread sheet; I just find I like it better, i guess that comes from my years of using Excel at work

    Your hair is simply adorable! Of course you are lovely with whatever hairstyle you have


    1. Thanks, lady! I’m quite sure a lot of the blocks in those two quits came from you!

      Use whatever works for you! I keep all the Fandom stuff on spreadsheets, which may be why I don’t want another.

      I’m liking the hair so far. Should be nice for summer!


  6. I stumbled across my progress board yesterday when putting some stuff away. I’m of two minds about it (or possibly even more minds, lol). For right now I’m going to leave it where it is. I don’t really want to do any kind of planning until the end of this month at least, possibly the end of Q1, I’m not stressing about it. I have specific things I want to accomplish this month in that project room, and once they are, I’ll know more what my plans need to be, lol.

    The best part of that legnth for your hair is you can still put it up cute-like. Two pigtails on top, for instance. So still put-uppable for summer, lol


    1. My project board hangs on the wall. It’s a reminder more than anything else. And, aside from hash marks for Linus quilts, I didn’t add anything after June. I date the post-its when I put them on the board. It was kind of surprising to realize that my brother’s quilt was the last personal thing I worked on.

      Added to the board since the video: G’s Graduation Quilt & 2 or More Oz Comfort Quilts

      I really can’t put my hair up, not yet anyway. It’s undercut in the back. Only the front is long. I can pull it back to the base of my neck and there’s about 1/2″ sticking out! My hair does grow kind of fast, so I’m not really worried about it.


  7. Good for you ! Clean slate for 2020…it feels good to start fresh. I myself don’t seem to have a problem with UFO(because I keep piling them up). I think I’ve said it before…I think I have ADD with quilting. I enjoy the feeling of starting something new and definitely have commitment issues with finishing them.LOL! You might be my solution. I think I will go down this weekend and see if there are blocks I can send to you.


    1. I like keeping track of what I have, but I want it to be low pressure because it’s supposed to be fun, right?!

      You’re always welcome to send orphan blocks. I’ve gone through an astonishing number this week! ♥


  8. Hello my shorter haired friend.

    Wow I do love the hair a lot, I love seeing your progress board , I have vowed that this year I will take a photo of everything I make and keep a log , so much of last years went out of the door before I logged it.

    Love the lone star quilt it’s awesome.

    See you soon (in video hopefully !) , hugs xxxxx


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