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TTMT #65 New Year’s Goals

6 thoughts on “TTMT #65 New Year’s Goals

  1. It seems to be a group theme this year to get the UFOs under control. It’s just so hard not to jump into new things when they looks good! I am hoping to have my UFOs under control or even straight up finished off this year. We will see. It’s a good thing I don’t have any quilt a,omg screaming my name this year. So I’ll plug away at the thing I started last year. A few of my UFOs belonged to my mother in law. Those have been the hardest for me to finish.

    I can’t wait to see your finished temperature blanket.

    Happy Crafting

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  2. I admire your goals, but totally understand how hard it is to not start stuff. I am planning to dig out all my ufos this month and make some hard decisions about them if they aren’t even a top yet. My scattered processes are driving me nuts, lol.

    I really want to start a temperature blanket, too. Argh. But that would mean buying yarn, because I’ve been thinning all my stash out. We shall see how this year unfolds.


  3. I love the story about Sugar Bear, how wonderful and what a special gift!

    January is definitely a time to think about UFOs, but I think we also can’t help but be excited about new projects, too. I think it all works out in the end!


  4. The Sugar Bear story is so great.. what a nice gift/memory!

    I do love me some new projects.. shiny and new is always so wonderful, isn’t it? My January goal is always the same as yours though – don’t start anything new, work on finishing things. Maybe February! (I also started something new immediately after saying I wouldn’t.) I can’t blame you for starting the daisy project though, sounds perfect for you!

    It’s going to be neat to see how your husband’s temp quilt compares to yours, although using different colours will mean it’s not an easy comparison from one to the other. I love seeing all the variety of quilts and afghans people make, though. I saw a neat cross-stitched project this year that is a tree and each day is a leaf on one of the 12 branches. Clever idea!

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  5. What a wonderful and thoughtful gift. I’ll bet that Sugar Bear and the story will passed down to your family for generations. Lovely!

    I did not make any New Year’s resolutions this year. I’m taking it one month at a time. I am hoping to cut back on my UFOs by either finishing or donating, and I started that process already. .


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