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TTMT#124- A change of background

7 thoughts on “TTMT#124- A change of background

  1. Lol I personally recommend not touching the long arm tired or at least until you feel really familiar. It’s so easy to miss a step, turn the needle wrong, etc. I still try to avoid it. It almost always goes poorly for me.

    I love that happiness on the wall behind you. What a bright cheery quilt.

    I hope you’re feeling better!

    Happy Crafting


  2. Oh my goodness, I love your niece’s quilt so far! It’s just adorable and so bright and happy!

    I, too, have made the backwards needle error. It took me a good ten minutes to figure out what I’d done wrong!

    I hope the crud is all gone and you can do lots of crafty things this week. Looking forward to seeing the quilting on the music quilt!


  3. Here’s my question to who ever will listen. Why didn’t they just make the needles flat on one side like all other sewing machine needles??? It would have been idiot proof or at least Abbie proof!😂


  4. The last two times I’ve used a Singer 301A I have forgotten you have to thread the needle from the opposite direction from like every other machine I have ever used, lol. This last time I at least realized MUCH SOONER and without anyone else’s help (the time before that was at retreat and thankfully Miss Sarah realized what the heck I was doing wrong). Long story short (toolate!) tired or distracted is not the time to use sewing/quilting machines, lol!

    I am seriously loving that bright, fun quilt behind you. Fantastic!


  5. Your niece’s quilt is going to be very nice for her… it’s really cute and cheery. I think the purple will age with her a little better than pink might (depending on the shade, but still) as well as giving the rainbows something to pop off.

    At any rate, I hope you’re feeling much better now and that you’ve been able to accomplish what you were hoping to accomplish


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