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TTMT #57 Happy New Year

7 thoughts on “TTMT #57 Happy New Year

  1. I do hope your mom is doing better. Sometimes doing stuff differently than what you have planned is fun, keeps life interesting. It will be one of them years y’all will talk about.
    The R/B blocks looks wonderful!!


  2. It’s so good to see you again!

    Ugh, I am so sorry to hear your mom was sick and that YOU were sick, too. I am glad you had family at home and could wing a weird Texas Christmas.

    My attic is utterly pointless. It’s basically a heat sink that makes the front half of my house hotter. Fun times!

    I’ve slowly whittled away at my UFOs the last few years, but did add Star Trek to the list after I blew my wrist out last year. I’ll get back to it, but you know, whatever will be will be. I’m not in a hurry!

    That first day of an empty house is always weird! I usually overdo it to compensate for the lack of noise!


    1. UFOs will be the list this year! I really feel burdened by them. It’s generally why I try very hard not to have them.

      First day back is usually either over doing it or lazy beyond words. This year was actually fairly balanced. I love them being home but desperately need routine right now. So I’m happy for my empty house this week.

      The holiday weirdness was fine in the end. She is slowly doing better. It’s generally why I don’t plan trace; to see her over the holiday but this year was different. Thankfully my brother and her sister live nearby. She has people with her.

      Happy Crafting

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  3. My times completely alone in my house are very rare since P moved back home, so when I have them I try to really enjoy. My crafty time is also greatly diminished because I really enjoy doing it in the morning when my brain is fresh but her room is right next to my project room and she doesn’t wake up anywhere near as early as I do.

    I haven’t had an attic since moving to NM 24 years ago. What I wish I had was a basement. We had one in Missouri and it was HUGE. OMG the long arm I could fit in that kind of space would be amazing, lol. I know what you mean about moving stuff and then going, why did I bring this stuff? lol. There is probably still stuff in a box somewhere in this house that hasn’t moved since moving into this house 23 years ago. Ahem.

    So sorry you had to cancel your christmas with your mom! I hope she and all of your family are better now. Seems like so many people were sick over xmas. I was too. Finally not coughing up crap every morning.

    OMG UFOs. Going to just start a UFO bag/bin that I will put them in as I find them. This year is about not stressing over projects. Part of that will be not starting new ones for a while. I hate when I get overwhelmed with UFOs.

    Happy New Year! I’m currently getting through my workdays by catching up on Welcome to Nightvale podcast. My daughter got me listening to it on our drives back and forth to college. I hadn’t realized how much I had missed it until I started listening again. I think I am still on episodes from 2014. I am constantly amazed at how it can swing from wildly silly to eminently profound in a single 2 minute span.


      1. Lol

        I had a nightmare basement in Ohio. It looked like something John Wayne Gacy would have liked.
        My best basement ever was in Minnesota. It was a full size walk out. My attic in NC was a full walk in. So two steps into another massive room basically. This one is ok for things that can tolerate the extreme heat but small. It’s a door from my sewing room into it. I will definitely utilize it. I have so much crap. I always think I’m good getting rid of it, but clearly not. I definitely can tie my anxiety levels to the volume of chaos in my house. I try to keep it to a minimum. Moving always causes some of it. So it definitely needs to be a priority to work through it even if the pace is snail like.

        I felt so awful that we had to cancel but it’s not safe for her to be around sock people. So it was ok albeit weird. We did our secret Santa which was fun. It is always weird in the deep south for us on the holidays. It was a good long break for everyone. All 3 kids are back to their things today. My oldest started back at school today. So exciting things for all of them.

        My UFOs are the projects on my “list” this year. I also need to purge some of my finished projects.
        I find they are bogging me down with the feeling of unfinished business.

        I haven’t listen to that podcast. I am a podcast junkie. I listen while working, working out, driving, etc. I mostly listen to Crime and History genre. I should check that one out too.


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