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TTMT #46 Excel Spreadsheets and Google Drive

7 thoughts on “TTMT #46 Excel Spreadsheets and Google Drive

  1. The cathedral window looks stunning as usual!

    The behind the scenes of patterns and quilt a longs are quite time consuming. Just remember your patterns are fabulous, you can’t make everyone happy, and enjoy seeing others create your patterns! Quilt a Longs are super fun to see come to life.

    Happy Crafting


    1. Thank you! I used to teach Excel so I was able to put some of the skills to use. I am overly excited about it all and someone needs to tell me when enough is enough (I designed ANOTHER pattern last night). Ohh..I replied back to your email last night.

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  2. The cathedral windows are really looking fantastic!

    I know folks are really excited about the coming QAL, and i’m sure your patterns are fantastic. I am going to enjoy watching it all unfold, I’m sure it will be a big success!


  3. That Cathedral Window is gorgeous.
    I won’t be joining the QAL. This old woman had to look up Kingdom Hearts to see what it was, and I don’t think either of my sons play the game. But I will be watching to see your patterns and what others are doing. You are just so bloomin’ talented!


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